Industrial-Grade Operator Panels for Basic Applications

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Phoenix Contact rounds out its range of web-based operator panels with 10- and 15-inch versions. This means that more display area is available for visualizing basic applications.

The larger display area has the advantage that fewer process diagrams have to be configured to display all operating data. For operator panels with small displays, information is distributed across various process diagrams.

The navigation between the process diagrams defines how quickly and intuitively this operation can be performed. By using large displays, the risks involved in navigation are reduced, as users can see all of the information at a glance.

The web panels with screen diagonals of 26.42 cm (10.5″) and 38.1 cm (15.1″) have a color TFT touchscreen. They have a resolution of 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 pixels and can display 65k colors. Both devices are based on a RISC ARM9 platform, sporting a 200 MHz processor. These devices are factory equipped with one Ethernet and two USB ports.

These panels are used in equipment and small machines where basic HMI functionality is required. All web panels use the simple and free Web Visit development environment to visualize process flows, whereby a compact control is connected to the web panel as a web server for data processing and visualization. Data is displayed using the micro-browser integrated in the panel.



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