Thanksgiving Meals-On-Wheels

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My hero Warren Buffett has been promoting philanthropy these two years and I was very happy to be given the opportunity to do my bit for society with Phoenix Contact!

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – I was one of the lucky ones among the first team in Phoenix Contact to carry out the philanthropic mission – ‘Meals on Wheels’. The program is basically to provide meals to the senior citizens which seemed to be easy (only if you have received guidance from Mervyn who is the social worker as shown pictured on the right). For instance, what do you do if the senior is groaning in the house? What if you don’t have a GPS? No worries, just look for Mervyn!

There were six of us divided into three teams. Each team has to deliver around 20 meals within two hours in order to be on time for the seniors to have their lunch. Lots of teamwork and legwork! Thanks to my partner, Juriah (a grandma already) who does most of the legwork. Well, someone has to plan the route and be the ‘chauffeur’ – that’s the young chap, me.

The overall experience was fun and it feels good contributing back to the society, especially to the seniors who had contributed in the development of the nation. ‘what goes around, comes around’, Phil may better describe in his song – Another Day In Paradise

Without the support of our valuable clients, we may be struggling for business and neglected about the CSR mission. Please continue to support us!



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