Acquiring, Monitoring, and Communicating Energy Data

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With the Basic and Flex energy data loggers, Phoenix Contact is offering package solutions that contain all components users require for configuring a data acquisition system. The packages are based on standard industrial components with integrated GSM/GPRS modem.

Using the data loggers, all of the relevant data for energy supply, volume flows, as well as purchased volumes of compressed air and water in machines, plants, and buildings can be acquired, combined, and processed. This data is transferred to higher-level energy data acquisition systems in a standard format.

When compared to the basic package, the Flex data logger solution can be expanded to include I/O modules of the Inline automation system. Both data logger versions are suitable for many application scenarios in a wide range of industries. Programming know-how is not required when commissioning and configuring the systems. The preinstalled configuration program can be opened and operated with any standard Internet browser. All of the parameters can be edited in data input screens.







The Flex data logger package allows direct communication with an MS SQL database via GPRS or Ethernet. A configured database is required in this case. After configuration has been completed, the project parameters can be backed up on a PC. If a device has to be replaced, then the project parameters are written back to the data logger.



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