Cost-Optimized Telecontrol

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For data transfer via GPRS, Phoenix Contact offers Open Data Port (ODP), an intelligent solution to monitor and manage telecontrol stations. The advantages of this solution lie in the reliable data transfer, the use of standard PLC and modem components, as well as standard industrial interfaces and protocols.

Using the mobile General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), an inexpensive, reliable, and effective solution is open to all applications that involve data exchange with distributed stations. The core of this data transfer includes permanent online connection as well as invoicing the data packets exchanged according to data volume. ODP therefore facilitates communication – based on GPRS, DSL, and Ethernet – from the master control system via the open OPC interface and harmonized components such as the safety GPRS router, all the way through to the PLC from Phoenix Contact.

Data is transferred online, or is saved and transferred as time-stamped historical data. As sector-neutral solution, ODP can be used in classic telecontrol technology in environmental and energy-related applications. Further, it can also be used in energy data acquisition, transportation technology, building systems, and asset security systems.



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