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Public utilities and refuse disposal plants are usually equipped with numerous external stations that must be connected to a central control system. In the case of water management for example, these are pumping stations, rainwater overflow tanks, wells or even complete system plants such as sewage treatment plant and waterworks.

Quick and Easy Data Acquisition

The data logger can be used to collate and process all the acquired data related to electrical energy use and to the flow rates and volumes of compressed air and water. The logger then transmits this data on pre-defined communication channels in a standardized format via Ethernet and GSM/GPRS by using the built-in web server.

Smart Phone as Alarm and Control Unit

The standard application is the acquisition of status information of digital sensors and the transmission of SMS messages to registered mobile phone numbers. The digital outputs can be set or reset from a mobile phone by sending an SMS message.

Wireless Monitoring option

For data exchange between the control center (RTI) and substation (RTU), a system is necessary that supports all function such as remote signaling, remote control and remote measuring. Operators are often faced with the challenge that no connection exists to an existing telecommunications network. In order to guarantee permanent data exchange, GPRS-based communication solutions are more often used for applications without access to a telecommunications network.

Easily access your data via web browser

Phoenix Contact Datalogger+ offers you various wireless communications:

–       GSM/GPRS

–       Leasedline

–       Dialup

–       WLAN/Bluetooth

–       Propietary wireless

Flexible I/O

Customized your I/O counts on Datalogger+ Flex with up to 96DI and 24 AI.

Modular I/O offers you more flexibility

Data Transmission to MySQL/SQL Server

Once read, the values are normalized and written directly into a database management system (DBMS). Datalogger+ supports direct communications with a DBMS—such as Microsoft SQL server (Optional).

Store More Data

The integration of an FTP server means that data written via ethernet can be read from the file system or new recipe data can be downloaded to the controller via FTP. Important documents or system instructions can also be stored in the internal Flash memory (Up to 256 MB). If higher storage data is required, a CF card can be used for up to 4GB (Optional with Touch Panel version).

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