Gigabit Modular Switch Now with Routing Function

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The Gigabit Modular Switch from Phoenix Contact now also supports the layer 3 function in order to route communications between individual subnetworks.

As industrial networks are becoming increasingly more complex, it makes sense to segment them and split them up into different networks in order to secure the appropriate level of data availability.

By inserting an SD flash card with layer 3 license in combination with layer 3 firmware, the switch supports port-related routing, static routing, or the VRRP (Virtual Route Residency Protocol) to address redundant router applications. The advantage is that a layer 2 Gigabit Modular Switch, which is already installed in a system, can be kept and subsequently upgraded, quickly and simply, to become a layer 3 device using the SD FLASH card. Further, the switch configuration can also be saved on this card.











The switch is a powerful Managed Switch, which covers the port requirements of industrial applications in a modular and flexible fashion. For use in production backbones, it supports all commonly used Gigabit and Fast Ethernet data transmission standards, standard IT protocols, as well as the Profinet and EtherNet/IP automation protocols. In addition to the integrated Gigabit ports, the switch can accommodate interface modules for up to 16 additional 100 Mbit/s ports.



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