Fast Compact Controller with Integrated Ethernet Interface

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As a result of the integrated floating-point unit for quickly processing floating point numbers, the ILC 190 ETH 2TX controller from Phoenix Contact is especially suitable for fast closed-loop controls and basic motion applications. It can also be used for large applications thanks to its 1MB program memory.

The controller sets itself apart as a result of its integrated Ethernet interface and the fact that it supports many communication protocols used in the IT environment. These include http, FTP, SMTP, SNTP, OPC, ODP, SNMP, SQL, as well as other protocols. These are either all directly integrated in the device, or can be integrated by simply installing the associated library in the PC Worx programming environment.









Phoenix Contact provides the PC Worx Express software at no charge to give users the opportunity of becoming acquainted with the programming. This software is also suitable for programming the controller.



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