Wireless HART Adapter: Wireless Data Transfer in Process Technology

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The RAD-WHA-1/2NPT Wireless HART adapter from Phoenix Contact simplifies and speeds up the retrofitting and expansion of systems with 4–20 mA signal cables. The adapter is connected to an existing HART device in the field to transfer HART data wirelessly into a new system, while the original system based on just 4–20 mA remains intact.

 Using the adapter, new field devices are integrated into the network without having to route signal cables. Up to four HART devices can be connected, which increases efficiency and reduces material costs. Independently of HART devices, the adapter can be connected to an individual field device with 4–20 mA so that a digitized value can be sent. It is especially suitable for temporary monitoring applications and installations in Zone 2 environments, as it can be supplied with current from a 4–20 mA circuit or directly with 24 V DC.

For Wireless HART, TSMP (Time Synchronized Mesh Protocol) ensures redundancy regarding time, frequency, and space, as well as fail-safe functionality, so that data is still reliably transmitted even under challenging wireless conditions. TSMP also provides the intelligence that is necessary for meshed data transfer. The result is a wireless network with a short range, which can be installed without any special know-how. It automatically adapts itself to the environment and can be simply expanded when required.



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