Connection Concepts for Pre-Assembled Encoders

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Phoenix Contact presents a complete product line that offers new connection concepts to address the requirements of the new encoder generation. The two-part modular system comprises the M12 connection block and a rectangular flange. The dimensions of the rectangular flange are harmonized with the existing rotary encoder housings, so that encoder manufacturers do not have to redesign their devices.

There is a crimp version for controls with encapsulated wires. The contacts are crimped onto the individual conductors using a manual crimping tool. The contacts are then placed in a splicing ring and together with the contact holder are snapped from the rear onto the flange housing. This means that manufacturers can equip the pre-assembled generation of encoders with the rugged, commercially available M12 connection technology.

The contact holders with individual 0.5 m long pre-assembled conductors are also new. In this version, too, the contact holder is snapped onto the flange housing from the rear during final assembly. The pre-assembled contact inserts facilitate simple and fast assembly locally on site for all industries.

For both modular systems, device manufacturers can produce the components at different locations and then complete the final assembly at a central production facility.



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