600V Power Connector with UL Approval

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Suitable for the ME and ME MAX family of housings from Phoenix Contact, and in addition to the classic plug connections for 250 V, the GMSTBO 2.5 HV high-power base strips with matching GMSTBT 2.5 HV screw plugs are now available for compact device applications in the area of power electronics.

With their 7.25 mm pitch, they are suitable for unrestricted 600 V UL device approval.

The base strips are factory-ready for THR soldering and for automated placing from reel packaging; alternatively they can be shipped in cardboard boxes. A two-pole version that is suitable for housing widths 17.5 and 35 mm – as well as plug pairs with three pins in a 22.5 and 45 mm pitch – are now available. A special feature of the ME MAX housings is that various connections and power classes can be mixed and combined in one device. This allows solutions to be precisely configured to fit individual applications.



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