Case Study: Singapore Lower Seletar Reservoir equipped with Phoenix Contact Spring Terminal Block

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Calm and peaceful,  Lower Seletar Reservoir Park is a pleasant place for leisure strolls or jogs. Benches along the edge of the reservoir offer great spots from which to enjoy the turquoise waters and the balmy breeze.

Today, PUB allowed sailing at Lower Seletar Reservoir and  this was done in collaboration with the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) and the Seletar Country Club, as well as a fishing jetty (maintained by PUB) that extends its fun to fishing enthusiasts.

For Phoenix Contact, we are proud to announce that PUB  Lower Seletar Reservoir Flood Gate Station’s control panel is equipped with complete Phoenix Contact Spring Terminal Block that comes with knife disconnect feature.

Additionally, all incoming lease line into the electrical panel  is installed and protected with Phoenix Contact Surge Protection Device.

PUB Control Panel installed with Phoenix Contact Spring Terminal Block (ST Series)

ST spring terminals – spring-cage connection terminal blocks

Spring-cage terminals blocks from Phoenix Contact have been developed for universal spring-loaded conductor contacting. The contact force is independent of the user and creates a vibration-proof, gas-tight connection with long-term stability. The connection point is opened with a standard screwdriver.

After the conductor has been inserted into the terminal compartment, the screwdriver is removed and the conductor automatically makes contact.The front connection facilitates convenient operation. This means that the conductor and the screwdriver come parallel from the same direction.

All kinds of copper conductors of up to 35 mm² can be clamped without pretreatment. Splicing protection can also be used in the form of ferrules. Phoenix Contact spring-cage terminal blocks offer a large insertion space, i.e. conductors with nominal cross section that have ferrules can also be wired.

PUB Control Panel installed with Phoenix Contact DATATRAB series for lease line surge protection device





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