Case Study: Provincial Water Authority (Remote Pump Control System via SMS Technology)

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Thailand’s Provincial Waterworks Authority alias “PWA”  fully owned by the Thai Government, are responsible for the collection, production, distribution and reclamation of water in provincial Thailand. Driven by a vision to ensure all citizens of Thailand receive clean drinking water from all parts of  Thailand.

As raw water supply travels vast distance across Thailand, multiple Pumping Stations are deployed in various parts of the province. Examples are: Pha Ngan Pumping Stations, Khao Luk Pumping Station, Khanchanadit Pumping Stations and more.

In 2010, we are proud to announce that PWA selected Phoenix Contact Remote SMS system (SMS Relay) to control and monitor the remote pumping of raw water located in all remote Pumping Station of PWA.

PWA Choice: SMS Relay for remote and signaling system with 6 inputs and 4 outputs for remote control via SMS technology



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