Intelligent UPS for Industrial Applications

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New intelligence for high system availability: Featuring IQ technology,uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) from Phoenix Contact ensure for the first time ever 100% power supply reliability when the line supply fails.

With previous UPS solutions, the buffer time is manually set. However, in this case, the actual battery performance is not known. Battery performance decreases with increasing age or at high ambient temperatures, so that the battery can no longer supply the energy for the buffer time that was set.

This results in power supply failures. The intelligent Quint UPS-IQ uninterruptible power supply now determines all of the relevant battery states, such as a voltage or temperature. As a consequence, it ensures the necessary transparency to secure the reliability of the UPS at any time, taking into account battery utilization.

The intelligent battery management knows the actual charge state of the
connected battery and calculates the remaining buffer time that is available. The remaining lifetime of the battery is also known. This avoids supply interruptions and premature shut-down of industrial PCs. Service can be planned and energy storage devices are no longer prematurely replaced.

To calculate the charging current, the UPS communicates with the battery and with the power supply. As a consequence, the battery is charged twice as fast than it would be with conventional UPS systems. Further, the power supply output current is controlled so that there is always sufficient energy for the loads and the battery is charged as quickly as possible.

Power supplies with output currents of 5, 10, 20, and 40 A are available for 24 V
applications. The QUINT UPS-IQ with an output power of 500 VA addresses AC
applications with 85 to 264 VAC. All modules can be optionally combined with energy
storage devices utilizing VRLA technology with 1.3 to 38 Ah – or for high ambient
temperatures, with especially powerful Li Ion batteries. Buffer times of 8 hours with a 5 A load current or 30 minutes with a 40 A load current are achieved.

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