Case Study: Manila Water Inc (Pumping Station Monitoring and Control System)

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Manila Water Company Inc is a private waterworks authority which is presently providing services to the public for the collection, production, distribution and reclamation of water with a vision to ensure the citizens of Philippines receive clean drinking water, especially for the eastern parts of Metro Manila.

As water supply travels vast distances across states, multiple Pumping Stations are deployed in various parts of the areas. Examples are: Lucban Pumping Station, San Rafael Pumping Station, Siruna Pumping Stations, Tikling Reserviour, etc…

In 2010, we are proud to announce Manila Water selected Phoenix Contact Automation space saving solutions such as I/Os, relays, ethernet switches, power supply to be involved in the upgrade of control and monitor of the remote pumping stations.

Manila Water Component of Choice:
IO system: IO cards are build in the slim housing that is just 12 mm wide, that provide diagnostic indication for all connected signals.

Industrial Grade Ethernet Switches are those that comes with have a redundant power supply, an alarm contact, and link monitoring via important diagnostic options.



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  1. Maria

    Siemens PLC used for Pumping station for water supply

    Rehabilitation of a pumping stations supplying the water distribution system.

    1.Software development using programmable logic controllers (PLC) and HMI;
    2.Hardware-delivery and Assembly;
    3.Putting into service.

    Siemens PLC S5/S7-200/S7-300/S7-400,6AV touch panels(Shenzhen AoTeMaiTe Automation

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