No, Facebook is NOT closing down on 15th March 2011.

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Ah, the power of the Internet. With just a few shares, and retweets and an article posted on a tabloid style website called “” which is best known for its past scoops such as Aliens Spaceships to Attack Earth in 2011 and (GASP!) Megan Fox is a Man, and suddenly the entire Internet is abuzz with rumors of our favorite Social Networking website closing down on 15th March 2011.


Isn’t it amazing how quickly the news spread among the cyberspace and spread like wildfire? Although I personally find it hard to believe that people will believe that Mark Zuckerberg will actually be shutting down the world’s number one website – yes even ahead of Google. I guess that there are still people out there who are more trusting to everything the Internet says.

Therefore, it is important that companies adopt to the new era of communications. Unlike communications of old, where a press release to the presses was sufficient, it is now important for companies to be found online as well. Given the speed of social media, where a simple retweet or a single Facebook post can broadcast your message to millions of people around the world in real time. Compare this to the traditional media such as the newspapper, where you will have to wait for it to be published.

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