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Its January and this is probably the only month in Singapore that we do see much of the Sun. I am starting to miss the warmth from the sunlight.

I don’t think much of us would enjoy the scorching sun in the month of March and April either. However, as much as projects goes, installation of the Solar panels takes place all year round.

During the installation phase is where the sun could be your worst enemy. Progress will be slower as the workers experience fatigue. To make matter worst if the crimping is needed for the solar cables, this simply meant that more time is needed under sun.

The cost of incurred for the tools might be one of the most commonly overlooked cost as most people focus on the cost of the solar panels and inverter. If there are five workers, it simply mean that five sets of crimping tools are needed. The crimping tools don’t come cheap.

Since the introduction of our Sunclix solar connectors, we have helped project managers to reduce installation time and totally remove the need for tools.

In just three steps the solar cable is connected to the Sunclix.  Sunclix assembly steps

On top of that with one connector we cater to cables from 2.5 to 6mm2. This meant that you need not worry if you cable is 4 or 6mm2 , simply use the leftover connector for your next project.

So in your next project, you can keep your cool and finish the job on site faster.



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