Losing the Wire, NOT the signal!

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This week is a very exciting week for me; something very nice was loaned to me from Germany. This new babies of mine (well, at least for these 2 months) are these 2 wireless vehicles.

So what is so special about these wireless vehicles?  These vehicles are built using Phoenix Contact Wireless Technology which is Trusted Wireless™. The objective is to show to the audience the coexistence of Trusted Wireless™ with other wireless that work in the same frequency which is 2.4 GHz.

One of the concerns of the user when we talk about wireless application is that the signal transmission won’t be reliable if there is other wireless signal transmitting arround the same area. The colision with other wireless signal may cause the packet that arrived to the destination to be a bad packet or be dropped by the system thus the transmitter will need to retransmit the signal again. This will cause a delay in getting your required data which is not ideal.

With the DEMO, the intention is to demonstrate how the wireless works in conjunction with other wireless signals.  In one of our DEMO, we asked all the attendants to switch ON their phone’s bluetooth and at the same time, the remote control cars are still able to be controlled.

After demonstrating the coexistence of this industrial wireless with other wireless signals, we also made another demostration where we used the original remote control of the cars and with the bluetooth of the phone still ON, the car can’t be controlled.

Wells, do you still doubt on the wireless data transmission? We will help to answer your questions in our upcoming seminar in Thailand and Philippines in November 2010.

Our expert from Germany is going to share with you his experience in answering the question about the wireless transmission realibility, availbility and security. You can also have an overview of all our wireless products ranging from Bluetooth, WLAN, Trusted Wireless, GSM/GPRS, and UHF. If you are an existing wireless user, our expert is going to share also the tips and tricks on how to do the proper installation, protection, selection of the antenna which can be critical to ensure reliable data transmission.

Last but not least, you can also try our wireless vehicle which is going to be exhibited during the Seminar!

So if you are in Thailand or Phillipines, do take note of following date of the upcoming wireless seminar where we are going to share with you why wireless sometimes can be a better option compared to your wired system.

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