My experience in Comex 2010

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Recently, we had the COMEX 2010. It’s a time where we would go and scout for our gadgets like for example, iPad. There were many Laptop on sale at the same time. I was looking for a Laser Printer as my current printer is almost reaching its end of life. I found a few options but it was not similar to the one I am looking for which is print and scan and at the same time CHEAP!

Next, I went around looking for external charger for my handphone which I can recharge it before its depleted. Upon reaching a booth that sells rechargable battery made in Japan. There were two versions of the rechargable batteries. First is with one lithium battery of 2,500 mAh and the other is two lithium batteries of 2,500 mAh each. Nevertheless I was looking at the first device with one battery. It is within my budget of $35. But the sales person recommended that I get the larger unit as he said “the one you holding is not good, cannot charge a lot of things, I have the other one, but no stock, you can place your order here and collect it later”.

After hearing it, at first I almost got into buying the unit with higher charging capacity. I walked away empty handed eventually. But to my horror a number of minutes later that I almost got duped into buying something which is much heavier and yet an overkill for what I really needed to charge my handphone.

Come to think of it. He is selling a product and commented that the product he is selling at the show is not good.

I relate this into context with Phoenix Contact’s Terminal Block. If we have UT screw terminal blocks, and in comparison with the ST spring terminal blocks. What if I get into a situation where the ST spring terminals were sold out and only the UT screw terminal is available,  I would either tell the customer to wait for the ST spring terminals to arrive later or he may have a choice of an alternative to get UT screw terminal for the project. I would not turn the customer away by telling them to place an order and comment that the UT screw terminal is inferior as compared to ST terminals. All our terminal blocks are good. They serve just as well when required for the wire connection. At least the customer has a choice whether to consider purchasing the UT terminal or ST terminal blocks. The customer may even get the UT terminal as it may be that the a very urgent case and it is not possible for them to wait.

In conclusion, never turn a customer away by selling the better component and get the customer to wait when the situation may be urgent and alternatives are readily available.



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