Are you an Elite? Test your IQ – The Answer

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For those that have answered and those that are still attempting the challenge, before I release the answer to you today, just some food for thoughts to share:

This IQ test serves 3 other purposes other than testing our IQ level and the guts to take the challenge when opportunity strikes.

There are many ways to approach this IQ question. One will realise that some of you took more steps, some “added” some complication to it and some, simplified it. From the Philosophy angle, just like in life, we are all so engaged with what we are doing that sometimes we could be taking a longer route or even the wrong route. We could be missing out the big picture, the essence. We could be creating bureaucracy unknowingly that slow us down. Once in a while, take a step back, consolidate and look into a broader, simpler view, which most often is the best view.

Second purpose: I would like to introduce our Blog (and facebook) to you and encourage everyone to frequent it and share some of your articles and comments

Last by not least, this IQ test, in its simplest form is for fun, for entertainment, for relieving of stress!

Now, back to the IQ question:

There are a couple of ways to get the answers. Some methods are more complicated than others. The answer is just right in front of us actually. The simpliest answer that I can find is as follows:

IQ answer


Visualise this: Region B = Region D   &  Region C = Region E

Therefore, if we find region A, B,C, we get the answer. As follows:

1/4 circle (XYZ) – Triangle (XYZ) = Answer

(1/4 x 3.14 x 20 x 20) – (1/2 x 20 x 20) = 314 – 200

= 114 sq m

I will leave this answer for a couple of days in case if there are any dispute to my answer. Assuming no challenge to this answer, the winner will be annouced on very soon.




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2 thoughts on “Are you an Elite? Test your IQ – The Answer

  1. andrewang Post author

    There are a total of 15 entries to this quiz, and they are as follows:

    SY, SL, Serene, Catherine, Evelyn, Thao, Ms Huong, Arthid, Apichart, Jutamas, Finny, Francis, Teh, Winnie and Ray.

    Did I miss out anyone?

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