Ethernet Technology talk from Phoenix Contact to Students

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I was given an opportunity to speak at a SCEM course about Ethernet Technology to a group of about forty students. All thanks to Mr. Leow who tried to introduce industry personnel who has field knowledge of the relevant technology to inform his students and improve their knowledge of various sources.

We managed to talk about what TCP/IP is and also some additional topics were presented, ie: Fiber Optic Technology and even wireless technology. Demonstration units of our Phoenix Contact Ethernet Switches (Managed & Unmanaged) were also introduced at the presentation. Below are some of the pictures taken at the presentation.

This was the third time we are invited to this seminar. Each time were a different group of students. This round, it was twice the number of students and even there were experts within the crowd of students. Personally, when I present to a large group of students. I am afraid that there were very difficult questions asked. But so far, i could answer most of the questions.

Here’s a short clip of the presentation:




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