Singapore International Water Week – Day 2

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Day 2

Yes! Yes! Yes! We were FEATURED in the ‘HOTSHOT’ section of the daily SIWW newsletter!

Our team was initially split in our opinions as to the appropriateness of the use of this blue LED light effect. While some claimed it looked really spooky, others said it was totally cool, yet others, too glaring. In the end, this picture proved that our engineers who decided on the blue LEDs were vindicated in their decision…

Take a closer look at the writeup and you’ll see why…

What with standing all day and walking around checking out other booths, it was only natural that some of us were probably feeling a little cranky , we decided that a little caffeine would help boost the morale, and we figured it would do likewise for the weary visitors! And it worked like a charm! The rejuvenating aroma of premium coffee wafting ever so gently through the air never fails to uplift the spirit, even for those who do not drink it.

And finally, here is irrefutable evidence that the iphone craze has hit us. Can you actually believe how crazy our guys can get over iphone apps? But that is a good sign. As innovators, we should always keep up with the latest technology.

Day 3 post coming…



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