Singapore International Water Week – Day 1

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Day 1

Finally, the finished product is ready for showcasing. When I look at the completed setup, all our toil and sweat became worthwhile.

If I may say so, I think our booth was the most complete among all the exhibitors, featuring a whole water process flow with our products simulating the controls at various stages. But then again, you have to decide for yourself. Take a look at the photo and give us your comments.

Waste Water Process featuring Phoenix Contact Wireless Technology

Did I mention that plants are actually so important as part of a display because it really softens the look of the whole booth, making it more approachable…

Anyway, we put our slippers, shorts, t-shirts and sweat behind after the set up and after an amazing transformation, swans emerged from ugly ducklings, or should I say penguins emerged. See how smart everyone look in their lounge suit. Kudos to our people!

Personally, I like our corporate image a lot. Take a look at our namecards. I think anyone who took our namecards would remember for us for good. But trust me, we look a lot better in real life…

Day 2 post coming up



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