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Smart Power Supply Unit – The Fourth Generation Quint Power

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The fourth generation of the high performance QUINT power supply units ensures superior system availability by means of new functions. Signalling thresholds and characteristic curves can be individually adjusted via Near Field Communication (NFC) interface.

The unique Selective Fuse Breaking (SFB) technology and preventive function monitoring of the QUINT power supplies increase the availability of your application.

QUINT 4 power supplies standard products are already equipped with comprehensive diagnostics that provide constant monitoring of the output voltage and output current. This preventive function monitoring visualizes critical operating states and informs the controller of them before errors occur.

Why are the QUINT 4 power supplies called a SMART power supply unit?

Selective Fuse Breaking (SFB) Technology

Even standard circuit breakers can be tripped reliably and quickly with SFB technology and withstand six times the nominal current for 15ms. Faulty current paths are switched off selectively, the fault is located, and important system parts remain in operation.

Example: Normal Power Supply Unit will take around 8-20 seconds to trip the circuit breakers. In this duration, the end device is drawing maximum power from the power supply unit which may cause the end device to be burnt. In this aspect, the QUINT 4 power supply unit ensures that the end device is well protected, thanks to the SFB technology.

Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology

With Near Field Communication (NFC), you are able to set the parameters for the power supplies easily by using a mobile phone or PC, adjusting signalling thresholds (current/voltage/power can be set differently depending on use). This saves time, minimises errors and facilitates customised applications.

Example: In a large scale project, the parameters of the power supply units can be easily set and also duplicate the rest of the QUINT 4 power supply units by using the NFC function. The parameters, MTBF (Mean Time between Failure) and serial numbers of the power supply unit can be displayed on the mobile phone or PC by NFC when it is online without interrupting the operation. Security passcodes can be set to prevent unauthorized personnel changing the parameters of the power supply unit.

Preventive Function Monitoring


Diagnostics on the bar graph help during operation and maintenance. The user is able to visualize the status of the QUINT 4 power supply unit during maintenance checks. The load current is able to be displayed as a percentage status on the bar graph. This enables the user to upgrade or maintain the panels in the future without using additional measuring tools like multimeters.

Critical operating status can be reported before errors occur. This flexible function is provided by a variety of contact configurations (relay contact, digital signal, analog signal, optical bar graph). These contacts allow the monitoring of output voltage, output current, output power, operating hours, prewarming derating, overvoltage protection and input voltage.

Power reserve

  • Easy system extension with static boost with sustained power of up 125% of the rated load current.
  • Increase of power for the future without additional power supply unit, which leads to a reduction of extra cost.
  • Reliable starting of heavy loads with dynamic boost with up to 200% power for 5 seconds – for components with high inrush current.

Example: When powering up a motor, the initial start will require high power from the power supply unit before going back to its nominal current state. The QUINT 4 power supply unit is able to start this application smoothly without disturbing the other components in operation.

High level of immunity to interference

  • Due to an integrated gas-filled surge arrester, the QUINT 4 power supply unit is protected from any transients from the incoming supply.
  • More than 20ms mains buffering time – in case of any power dip, the QUINT 4 power supply unit will maintain a suitable output.
  • High MTBF > 500,000 hrs – estimation of more than 50 years, assuming 24hours operation. 

Worldwide use

  • International approval – Class 1 Div 2, IECEX, ATEX, CE, UL, GL, EAC etc.
  • Input voltage of 100 – 240Vac or 110 – 250Vdc.
  • Automatic switch enables simple plug and play in any part of the world.

QUINT POWER 4 is the power supply that is truly a SMART Power supply. If you have any queries, feel free to contact me via the form below!

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Quint Power – 4G Power Supply with NFC

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QUINT Power - 4G Power supplyHave you heard of Phoenix Contact’s QUINT POWER range of power supplies?

If you have not, where were you!

Our QUINT power supplies have been consistently making waves as THE power supply fit for any industrial use.

It is that good that Phoenix Contact has released the fourth generation of the high-performance QUINT POWER range, only this time it’s spearheading the industry by embracing the spirit of IIOT.

Tell us MORE about this QUINT

Our QUINT POWER is the one and only power supply in the market to incorporate Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

This feature is the latest addition to the already proven power supply unit that comes with SFB (Selective Fuse Breaking) technology, preventive function monitoring, high noise immunity as well as Power Boost.

Wait, What’s Power Boost?

QUINT 4 Power Supplies dynamic boost

The Power Boost technology allows the power supply unit to withstand indefinitely 125% or tolerate up to 200% of its maximum rated output current for 5 seconds without malfunctioning.

You heard that right, up to 200% of its maximum output current unlike others who would be fried to a crisp right about now.

Not just a Power Boost but empowering People too!

This technology allows users; engineers or technicians, to read and download configuration data of the power supply with any NFC enabled devices such as smartphones or tablets.

All you need is an Android device and you’re good to go.

This will also be handy at industrial sites during commissioning or maintenance where more often than not, there will be unforeseen circumstances where configuration cables are misplaced or worse laptops are not downloaded with the configuration software.

Another practical advantage is that the NFC technology allows configuration to be done in places that have low accessibility.

Examples are hard to reach places such power supply units that are installed at tight, very high or very low positions where it is difficult to carry a laptop.

Laptops can be bulky and requires a power supply to read power supplies (oh the irony). With smartphones and NFC, you could read data through the palms of your hands.

The QUINT POWER configuration App can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

Say goodbye to legacy multi-meters and expensive devices!  Who says you can’t use your phones on the job.

I’m super excited now! Tell me more…..

Configuration data such as device details, output voltage, output characteristics, signalling and control input mode can now be read, configured and then be downloaded without any need for physical cabling to the power supply.

Surely with the QUINT you’ll be seeing increase in productivity.

Without the access baggage -laptop and configuration cable – it reduces the time needed for configuration especially for projects with large quantities of power supply units.

The QUINT POWER power supply range can be used in various industries such as oil and gas, transportation, water, marine, power and chemical facilities as well as in the factory automation and manufacturing facilities where reliability and technical superiority are highly valued.

So if you’re looking for POWER SUPPLIES, look no further.

Our QUINT 4 is your answer.

With NFC enabled you’ll be giving your business the power of electricity, in your hands.

If you are interested to find out more about our Power Supplies, check out our website or leave us your contact and I will get in touch with you as soon as I can.

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DC/DC converters now available for more voltage levels

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The Quint Power product range from Phoenix Contact has been extended to include six new DC/DC converters, which cover additional voltage levels with increased functionality.


In addition to the new devices for voltage levels 12 and 48 V DC, there are now two more devices on offer with wide range input. These convert input voltages in the range between 42 to 96 V DC and 67 to 154 V DC into an electrically isolated, adjustable 24 V DC output voltage. This means that the nominal voltage levels 60 and 110 V DC, such as those that arise in the energy sector, can be covered. Thanks to the electrical isolation between the input and output voltage, independent supply systems can be established, and monitored in a preventative manner. Two additional devices which are specially designed for the input voltage range for railway applications complete the product range. They satisfy railway standard EN 50155 with their protective coating. They can also be used in other demanding environments.

All DC/DC converters support Power Boost, which permanently supplies 1.25 times the nominal current. What’s more, the devices feature Selective Fuse Breaking Technology (SFB), which supplies six times the nominal current for 12 ms, thereby reliably tripping standard circuit breakers. Comprehensive diagnostics are provided through constant monitoring of the input and output voltage and output current. Preventive function monitoring visualizes critical operating states and reports them to the controller before errors can occur.