Fast, Safe and Error-free System Cabling for Control Systems

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How do we connect the Controller to the various Digital or Analogue signals? Answers: Either with cables or with a wireless transmission medium.

In a control plant, we can easily have a few hundreds to tens of thousands of cables for control signals depending on the size of the plant.

Bad planning / discipline of the cabling routing could look something just like a plate of messy ‘fried noodles’.

Fried Noodles

Fried Noodles

Same, same but different.

A proper planned cable routing would look nicely as follow:

Cable Routing

Cable Routing

But still, a considerable amount of effort is required during installation, maintenance and fault finding – should something go wrong with the application eg. Fault tracing, wrong labeling, wrong termination…

Realizing the connection between field level and control level by means of system cables from Phoenix Contact would mean fast, safe and error-free system cabling for your control systems and no more messy ‘fried noodles’ to manage:

Phoenix Contact System Cabling

Phoenix Contact’s System Cabling Solutions

Forget the messy cables, for there is Phoenix Contact’s System Cabling Solutions.




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