IEC/EN 61643-11 International Standard – Are your Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) tested and compliant?

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Surge Protective Devices Must Meet Standards

Surge protective devices (SPDs) must provide defined protective functions and performance parameters in order to be suitable for use in corresponding protection concepts. As such, they are developed, tested, and classified according to their own international series of product standards.
Surge protective devices connected to low-voltage power systems are subjected to the requirements and test methods specified by the latest IEC/EN 61643-11 International Standard.

A true mark of quality is a product certification and approval from an independent testing institute. This confirms the fulfillment of the latest state-of-art product standard to ensure highest safety and integrity of the SPDs. The regulatory requirements placed on SPDs often require highly complex tests that only a few testing laboratories in the world are fully capable of carrying out.

How do you know?

The quality and performance of surge protective devices are hard for a customer to assess. Correct functioning can only be tested in suitable laboratories. Besides the external appearance and haptics, only the technical data provided by the manufacturer can provide any guidance. Even more important is a reliable statement from the manufacturer & certification/approval regarding the performance of the SPD and the execution of the tests specified in the respective product standard from series IEC 61643.

Safe Energy Control SPD

Safe Energy Control (SEC) SPD

In line with the revision of the most recent IEC/EN 61643-11 International Standard, the latest range of Safe Energy Control (SEC) SPDs from Phoenix Contact is furnished with independent certifications (i.e. KEMA/DEKRA, DNV/GL, UL). The SEC protective devices work discreetly in the background, providing consistent safeguarding for the entire system even in cases where high lightning surge currents are being discharged.

cb testing certificateCB Test Certificate ul certificateUL Certificate
dmv gl certificateDNV GL Certificate kema dekra certificateKEMA DEKRA Certificate

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