Long Awaited BT Terminals!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Wait no further!

The long awaited Phoenix Contact BT terminal blocks are finally ready!

Allow me to present to you what we have to offer.

Spring-loaded Screw Connection Technology

Firstly, let me explain on the Spring-loaded Screw Connection technology.

Unlike other “Chocolate bars” in the market, japanese-style barrier strip terminals blocks (Tanshidai, 端子台)  have a special feature where the screw will stay in place and it is always in a “Ready” position waiting for you to do the installation. During installation, insert your cable with a ring lug to the BT terminal block and press down the screw while tightening. It’s just that simple!!!

Screw_ConnectionFor this range, we introduce our BT and BTO. BT is finger proof and BTO is non finger proof. BTO terminal blocks will require a profile cover after installation.


BT – Finger Proof


BTO – Open Style

Hybrid Terminals

Besides only having the only Spring- loaded screw connection technology, Phoenix Contact has also integrated some innovations by introducing the Hybrid terminals (a mix of connection technology in one terminal block; PT and Spring-loaded screw) and the PT terminals of ‘Tanshidai’.


BTP – Push In Connection


BTH – Hybrid Push In and Spring-loaded Screw

More Cable Sizes to Offer

What about the size? Phoenix Contact BT terminals offer our customer in Japanese traditional cable sizes too. Instead of the normal 1,5mm², or 2,5mm², Phoenix Contact BT terminals comes in 1,25mm², 2.0mm² and 3,5mm². Let’s have a look at our offers below.


What to know further about our BT terminal blocks? Here are two videos to help. Let’s check them out!

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So, what are you waiting for? Ask for a sample right now by dropping us an email at marketing@phoenixcontact.com.sg!

Phoenix Contact 感動的イノベーション!!!



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