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Easy digital marking

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Written by Katharina Faes, B. Eng., Project Coordinator, Marking and Identification, Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, Blomberg, Germany

Get the right marking solution with the app

Which marking is best suited to my requirements? The topic of industrial marking has become more and more complex thanks to the digital transformation. Phoenix Contact has developed an app to provide you with guidance on this. The user arrives quickly and easily at an appropriate solution using a search assistant, and they can then create the necessary marking directly within the application.

Phoenix Contact Marking Solutions

The unique and permanent marking of all components and systems ensures safety and orientation, and enables efficient maintenance. Companies are certified for safe operation and efficient process organization. Comprehensive and clear documentation of all plant components and equipment is a prerequisite for the high quality standards required.

5 slight changes to increase the efficiency of control cabinet building

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Written by Jennifer Noelle Achilles, Marketing Campaign Manager, Phoenix Contact

Nowadays control cabinet builders must face various challenges to stay competitive on a rapidly changing market – this applies especially in high-wage countries. A looming skills shortage, rising global competition and the need of extended functional variety of control cabinets due to digitalization cause the necessity to strike new paths. Never the less most processes in control cabinet building contain great potential for optimization. Indeed, very small adjustments in existing structures can cause significant enhancements. COMPLETE line is the comprehensive system approach for control cabinet building that wants to improve all processes holistically. This consideration starts with a look at the very details:

Comprehensive Video Surveillance for Industrial Applications

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Video Surveillance

Phoenix Contact offers its first comprehensive solution for wired or wireless IP video surveillance in industrial applications.

This includes an extensive product portfolio of connection and automation technology for use between the camera and video server.

Industrial Ethernet components, power supplies, surge protection, connectors, cables, lines, terminal blocks, and 19″ components ensure secure connection between the camera and video server. The required components are available individually, as modules or as ready-to-connect boxes. The products are suitable for industrial use and therefore enable high network availability even in critical applications.

The IP video surveillance solution is suitable for small installations through to large systems with high security requirements. In addition to providing security for property in buildings and on company premises, the solution can also be used for technical system monitoring. Phoenix Contact also provides extensive advice for the configuration and planning of video networks.

Learn more about our video surveillance solutions.

Remote control technology in the transition to digitalization

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Written by Thomas Geiz, Master Electrician, Vertical Market Management Infrastructure, Phoenix Contact Deutschland GmbH, Blomberg, Germany

Comprehensive protection against unauthorized access

Digitalization has long since become a part of our private daily lives. More and more people are convinced by the advantages of smartphones, tablets, networked TVs, and PCs. No one wants having to go without weather apps, GPS systems in cars, or online banking. But wherever there is light, there is shadow. With digitalization, new forms of crime have developed. The various options of Ethernet-based networking can also be used to substantially influence the availability of the technology. Reports of malware attacks and their serious consequences appear in the media on an almost daily basis. It is therefore crucial that the digitalization of processes is accompanied by a solid strategy for the implementation of IT security. This applies to all companies and employees – regardless of whether they are already on the digital way, or still operating system visualization equipment running on old Windows XP machines.

Open solution increases flexibility and networking capability

Remote control technology is an essential component in the automation of water management systems. In the course of digitalization, Ethernet-based solutions offer numerous advantages here, but also present some challenges. Operational considerations such as the integration of existing technology and access security can be solved easily and economically with the PLCnext Technology automation platform.

An app for easy automation

With PLCnext Technology, Phoenix Contact has developed an open automation platform which tailors to the needs of plant operators as regards digitalization, IT security, modularity, usability, and efficiency. Among other things, the solutions stands out because the existing automation and remote control infrastructure can be used along with it. The input and output modules of the Inline automation kit installed years ago can thus remain in use, which significantly reduces the expenses for the migration of the existing automation and remote control system.

Whether it’s about a new remote control infrastructure or the migration of an existing system: The PLCnext Technology ecosystem lays the foundations for the digital transformation in remote control technology while also meeting the requirements regarding IT security in accordance with industrial standards.

Phoenix Contact E-Mobility is the “2019 Innovator of the Year”

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It has been official: Phoenix Contact E-Mobility is the “2019 Innovator of the Year”.

Michael Heinemann, CEO of Phoenix Contact E-Mobility, officially accepted the Business Award from DDW – “Die Deutsche Wirtschaft”, the German economy information portal, at a ceremony in Düsseldorf: “We feel honored that the jury selected us. And we simply did not expect to receive the People’s Choice Award on top of that.” A total of 20 companies received awards but only three were given the People’s Choice Award, which was decided by a vote among the readership.

The People’s Choice Award was personally conferred by laureate Dr. Vladimir Klitschko. The innovative high-power charging (HPC) technology that Phoenix Contact E-Mobility developed for its quick-charging connector was decisive for the nomination. “They listened to their customers,” said speaker Armin Reins, the owner of the Reinsclassen agency and 2018 award winner. With HPC technology, electric vehicles can be charged for a range of 100 km in just three to five minutes. It is a key building block for the mobility of the future. The innovative technology enables electric cars to be charged in the time it takes to visit the gas station today.

The heart of this crucial advanced development in charging technology is an environmentally friendly, low-maintenance liquid cooling system integrated into the charging connector and cable. It enables charging powers of up to 500 kW. The system’s cooling power is regulated based on demand via real-time temperature measurement that also safely prevents overheating. Robert Ewendt, head of the HPC charging connector project, reported, “Our research for this charging technology and the charging connector design was practically from the ground up. The only part that is specified in standards is the mating face.”

“Die Deutsche Wirtschaft” is a business platform and an information network for the business management level of Germany’s largest corporations. Its mission is to connect the German economy’s market actors. Over 80,000 entrepreneurs, general managers, and managers – the readers of the DDW newsletter – were asked to vote among the nominees for the Innovator of the Year title. Find out more

ImpulseCheck: Intelligent monitoring of surge protection

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Written by Dipl.-Phys. Claas Rittinghaus, Product Marketing Surge Protection, Business Unit Trabtech, Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, Blomberg, Germany

Condition Monitoring with ImpulseCheckProcess plant

Surge protective devices are safety-related components and, as such, an essential part of process plants. Information about the status and performance of these components as well as on the status of the plant itself play an important role in continuous monitoring and predictive maintenance. ImpulseCheck acquires all this information – and also enables it to be utilized in the Internet of Things.

The green “OK” notification on a typical status indicator of an SPD (Surge Protective Device), displayed on the device itself or read out by means of a remote indication contact, is not indicative of the current status of the arrester. Neither does it provide any information on the specific stress caused by surge currents and transient overvoltages since the installation of the SPD. Taking a look at the indicator during the maintenance or periodic inspection of a lightning protection system thus isn’t very meaningful. The surge protective system might fail just the next day – or in a few years’ time.

This is where ImpulseCheck, Phoenix Contact’s new system, comes into play. Surge currents and transient overvoltages discharged and limited by the SPD are detected in real time, and can then be analyzed in ImpulseAnalytics – a Proficloud application. In addition to comprehensive tools for the evaluation of the measured data, which are available to the user, the state of health (SoH) for each mode of protection is calculated for Phoenix Contact SPDs. The state of health is the current state of the arrester. As opposed to former, purely reactive replacements of surge protective equipment based on the green/red status indicator, this status information allows for the implementation of predictive maintenance plans. The efficiency of maintenance work can thus be improved, money can be saved, and system availability better protected.

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Phoenix Contact Creates New Platforms, Alliances and Partnerships

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Digital transformation with Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact achieved sales of EUR 2.38 billion in 2018 with sales growth of 8%. At the same time, the number of employees increased to 17,400 worldwide.

“From a global perspective, we had very good growth figures in the markets, but had to accept negative currency effects,” says CEO Frank Stührenberg.” In Germany, still our most important market for Phoenix Contact, we again achieved a very good result with 7%. There was double-digit growth in all regions of the world”.

The company invested €207 million in IT infrastructure, machinery and equipment as well as buildings. An amount in excess of 200 million euros will again flow into investments this year. In China, for example, Nanjing, the headquarters of our Chinese subsidiary, will expand its production and logistics facilities to a total of 23,000 m². The location will be completely built according to Industry 4.0 standard. The site in France will invest 15 million euros in logistics and office space by 2020. The logistics in Harrisburg, USA, will be expanded by 7,700 m². A new building for printed circuit board connection technology with 10,300 m² is currently being built in Blomberg. Development units, laboratories and product management offices in the immediate vicinity of the production building will find their home here.

In the current year 2019, a budget of 7% of sales for research and development will primarily serve product technology for digital transformation as well as solutions for the future markets of energy, mobility and infrastructure.

At the Hannover Messe, which began on April 1, Phoenix Contact, once again, was the third largest exhibitor presenting its solutions for the digital transformation. With a total of 2,500 m², the company was present at 11 trade fair stands.

Learn more about our highlights and focal points at Hannover Messe.

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Circuit breakers to protect your individual devices

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Narrow electronic circuit breakers – Universal at 6 mm

Narrow electronic circuit breakers – Universal at 6 mmIdeally suited for simple, space-saving potential distribution: the PTCB single-channel electronic circuit breaker can be bridged to the CLIPLINE complete terminal block system, and offers a setting range from 1 to 8 amperes with an exceptionally narrow overall width.

Your advantages

  • Simple application setup due to bridging option to CLIPLINE complete terminal block system.
  • More space in the control cabinet: narrowest protection with a width of just 6 mm.
  • Flexible use and a reduced inventory due to adjustable current values on each device for a wide range of applications.

Main features

  • Overall width: 6 mm
  • Operating state indicated via LED display in traffic light colors
    Fixed nominal current
  • Satisfies requirements in accordance with NEC Class 2
    Flexible use
  • Integrated remote signaling function

For more information, please download the flyer by clicking here or visit our website.

Visit us at Middle East Electricity 2019!

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Join Phoenix Contact Middle East

at Middle East Electricity 2019!

Middle East Electricity is the world’s leading trade event for the power industry. The show is split into five key sectors – power generation, transmission and distribution, lighting, solar, and energy storage and management solutions.

Visit for free and discover the thousands of power products and innovative technologies that are energizing the industry.

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#MEE2019 #PxCMEE2019





Phoenix Contact, a global market leader and innovator in the field of electrical engineering, is headquartered in Germany. Phoenix Contact has five production sites in Germany and eleven abroad, with more than 50 sales subsidiaries and 40 representations. Its mission is to provide the best possible solution for your electrical engineering tasks. Phoenix Contact Middle East in the United Arab Emirates is an independent subsidiary with local management, sales, training, support and logistics operations. Their reliable presence in the region brings Phoenix Contact’s products and expertise into closer proximity to their clients and partners in the Middle East and Northeast Africa.

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Most popular topics of 2018

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Happy New Year!

Here we are uncovering to you the top rated topics and most read news of 2018!

In case you missed out on any of this, you now have another chance to read it.

Multi-level building installation terminal blocks with 10 mm² screw connection Multi-level terminal blocks for building installation save space

Our installation terminal blocks are impressing users with their low and compact design.

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Overview of device circuit breakers Suitable for everyone

The complete portfolio of electronic circuit breakers provides intelligent protection for your power supply system. Take advantage of the easiest handling and simple product selection.

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FDX 20 series splice boxesHigh speed, future proof data transmission

The new splice boxes from Phoenix Contact ensure continuously reliable data transmission in real time. With their compact, uniform design, the splice boxes ensure ample interior space for secure connection of fiber optics.

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Apps for the PLCnext Control devices in the PLCnext Store PLCnext Technology – The platform for limitless automation

Enhance your automation thinking and discover the world of open automation with us.

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TOPMARK NEOEfficient laser marker

The TOPMARK NEO laser marker redefines laser marking: with compact dimensions and easy operation via the integrated color touch display, it creates particularly robust and high-quality industrial markings.

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Narrowest type 3 surge protection for 24 V nominal voltages – TERMITRAB The narrowest surge protection for I/Os and controllers

The narrowest pluggable device protection with an overall width of 6 mm, type 3 / Class III, with remote indication contact and Push-in connection technology. Also suitable for DC applications.

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QUINT DC UPS for industrial networks QUINT DC UPS for industrial networks

The new Quint DC UPS uninterruptible power supply can be integrated into established networks and continues to supply your systems without interruption even in the event of a mains failure.

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QUINT POWER below 100 W Compact high-performance power supply

For the first time, Phoenix Contact’s QUINT POWER power supply is offering superior system availability in the power range up to 100 W in a very small size.

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