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Safe Energy Control [Durable lightning and surge protection]

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Safe Energy Control

Lightning and surge protection from Phoenix Contact with Safe Energy Control Technology offers maximum performance with long service life.

Safe Energy Control

To meet the demands of the market, Phoenix Contact places the highest value on new and ongoing development of technologies. This happens in close coordination with technical universities and colleges. One excellent example of this is the new spark gap with Safe Energy Control technology. Professionally developed, designed and tested in our pulse and high-current laboratory, lightning current protective devices and surge protective devices from Phoenix Contact provide the perfect protection for any power supply.

Your advantages

  • Increased service life of the electrical installation, thanks to spark gap without line follow current
  • Inexpensive and space-saving installation by eliminating the need for a separate arrester backup fuse
  • Easy replacement in the event of servicing with protective devices which all feature a pluggable design
  • Predictive testing of the protective plug with the CHECKMASTER 2

Safe Energy Control Technology: Surge protection without line follow current or backup fuses

Safe energy control - Spark gapSafe Energy Control, abbreviated SEC, is synonymous with outstanding durability and maximum performance in the area of lightning current and surge protection. The revolutionary spark gap technology safely prevents any line follow current. This reduces the load on the entire installation to a minimum. This means outstanding durability for the surge protective devices at the same time. The protective devices work quietly in the background and help protect the entire system. Backup fuse-free solutions are available for all applications.

Visit our website to learn more about our SEC range lightning current protective devices and surge protective devices.

Save space and time with the Push-in distribution blocks

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PTFIX distribution blocks

Save space and time with your potential distribution by using Push-in distribution blocks

Push-in distribution blocks

The new PTFIX distribution blocks from Phoenix Contact can be used straight away without manual bridging, thus enabling space savings of up to 80 percent. The 1.5 mm² and 2.5 mm² distribution blocks are available with various numbers of positions and can be arranged in series without loss of pitch. Flexibly extend your potential with two-position standard jumpers.

The distribution blocks are also available with DIN-rail, direct or adhesive mounting, allowing you to flexibly build any application. Pre-treated or rigid conductors are connected quickly with the tool-free push-in direct connection technology. Transverse installation on the DIN rail and the compact design achieves space savings of up to 50 percent.

Distribution and power blocks with 6, 12, and 18 terminal points are available in eleven colors for clear, intuitive, and safe installation. The marking of all terminal points ensures a very clear wiring layout. The PTFIX distribution blocks therefore ensure flexible and cost-effective load and control current distribution.

Your advantages

  • Ready-to-use blocks for rapid mounting without manual bridging, and time savings of up to 80%
  • Flexible configuration in your application through various mounting options: DIN rail mounting, direct mounting or adhesive bonding
  • Time-saving pre-treated and solid conductor connection, thanks to tool-free direct Push-in connection technology
  • Transverse mounting saves up to 50% space on the DIN rail
  • Color assignment of conductor and terminal point for an intuitive and secure installation with eleven colors
  • Connect in a series without division loss and flexibly expand potential with standard jumpers
  • Testing options for all common test probes

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Process indicators and field devices

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Process indicators and field devices –
record, control, monitor

Record temperatures directly in the field, monitor, display, and control process values with process indicators and field devices.

Multifunctional process display for field installation The Field Analog process indicators allow you to monitor and display analog and temperature signals as well as control them via digital and analog inputs and outputs. The field devices enable you to acquire and convert the signals from resistance thermometers, thermocouples, and resistance-type sensors and voltage sensors directly on site.

Universal use

Field Analog process indicators are available for field and control panel installation. The universal inputs allows you to record current, voltage, RTDs, and TCs. Comprehensive approvals also allow you to connect sensors in the Ex area.

Easy installation and startup

Thanks to the standardized housing dimensions and plug-in connection terminal blocks, the indicators are easy to install. The devices are easy to configure via the keyboard on the front or via FDT/DTM software.

Everything at a glance

Current process values are easy to read on the five-digit backlit displays. The bar graph also provides you with a quick overview. Alarm statuses can be identified easily from a distance by their changing color.

Additional advantages

  • 2-conductor sensors are powered by the integrated measuring transducer supply
  • Easy mounting and secure fi t on pipes and walls with the optional holder for field indicators
  • International use thanks to UL and CSA approvals
  • Also for intrinsically safe circuits in the Ex area: versions with ATEX, CSA, and FM approval

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