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Global prosperity through an All Electric Society

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To keep up with today’s world’s needs, we need to adapt to constantly changing needs and offer the best solutions that meet those needs. Today’s world is full of challenges that also offer new opportunities.

Phoenix Contact’s vision is to become a reason and part of a sustainable and climate-friendly future.

The All Electric Society

The All Electric Society is a concept based on research findings from scientists and engineers from universities, institutions and companies all over the world. In a joint video keynote, CEO Frank Stührenberg and CTO Roland Bent explained what lies behind it with a look back into the past of why Phoenix Contact is the ideal partner for this journey into the future. “The success of Phoenix Contact is based on the fact that we have always provided suitable answers to the questions of the time with our technical expertise. The basis of Phoenix Contact’s decades of growth into a technology leader on the world market is our ability to pick up on technological trends innovatively and quickly”, explained Ronald Bent.

New decade target

The All Electric Society describes a future in which clean electricity is available everywhere at ever lower prices and becomes the core of the energy supply. Through an energy system that is cross-sectoral and based on electricity generated from renewable sources. The All Electric Society’s vision is based on a CO2-neutral future and the implementation of this vision relies on the intelligent coupling of all sectors participating in the energy cycle. Electrification, digitalization, and automation are the keys to this coupling.

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Digital transformation and the All Electric Society

Via an approach knows as sector coupling, energy will not only be usable in the form of electricity but will also be used in existing infrastructures and technologies like gas pipelines, gas storage facilities, combined heat and power generation, and filling stations. Through the Power-to-X technology, the basis of the energy mix of the future will be hydrogen. To create smart sectors, comprehensive electrification, digitalization, and automation of all areas is needed. Solutions have to be economical and cost efficient though means of energy efficiency and by optimizing the energy and data-related couplings and balancing all energy consumers, generators and potential storage options in the best way possible.

The future concerns us all

In order to create energy efficiency in the consumption and generation of carbon-neutral energy, we must network all sectors participating in the energy cycle, so that they can communicate with each other. Digitalization plays a decisive role here, because without the generation and processing of digital data, this intelligent networking, the so-called sector coupling, will not be possible. This is why we refer to the digital transformation as one of the enablers that makes the All Electric Society possible. 

Join us in introducing new ideas of how we can together bring our successful economic operations into a new dimension.

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