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Phoenix Contact, Quectel and Ericsson jointly develop the first industrial 5G router for private networks

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Phoenix Contact, Quectel and Ericsson have worked together to develop and deploy the first industrial 5G router for local industrial applications in a private 5G network.

With the help of the newly developed 5G Router, industrial applications, such as machines, controls and other equipment, can now be connected to a private 5G network and thus be orchestrated in their resource usage, priority and behavior. They therefore offer a decisive advantage compared to previous mobile radio solutions, which can only use all – mostly license-free – radio bands with a best effort principle and which have to accept performance losses in equal measure when the radio spectrum is heavily occupied.

5G Handshake

To achieve this, all three companies brought their strengths together: Phoenix Contact as the first choice supplier of WLAN, Bluetooth and mobile radio routers for industrial applications, Quectel as the leading global supplier of cellular and GNSS modules and Ericsson supporting the product development as a network supplier and a leading force of the 5G technology development. By starting to interact at an early stage, the three companies have been able to rapidly develop a solution that provides industrial-grade performance over private 5G networks. The collaboration between Quectel, Phoenix Contact and Ericsson has seen extensive interoperability testing at the Ericsson lab to ensure the reliable commercial performance of the 5G router. The experience made is highly important for Ericsson following the strategic approach offering 5G solutions jointly with mobile network operators towards the industry. In addition, all three companies cooperated closely to enable Industry 4.0 applications with this 5G standalone private network. 

To learn more about the different Industrial Communication Standards, please visit the website.

Unmanaged Ethernet Switches Reinvented

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Unmanaged Switches from Phoenix Contact enable easy Industrial Ethernet communication. The industrial-grade IP20 and IP67 switches feature variable numbers of ports, various designs, and additional functions such as Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Unmanaged Switches
SFNB unmanaged switches

The SFNB series Unmanaged Switches represent the entry-level solution in our portfolio of Ethernet switches. These switches are particularly suitable for very simple automation applications where there are no exacting demands on the temperature range, data throughput or functions.

Phoenix Contact’s new generation of unmanaged ethernet switches from FL Switch 1000 series offer a narrower housing, greater port density, and best-in-class automation protocol traffic prioritization. The first five variants of the refreshed portfolio are exclusively copper ports, with fiber optic models soon to follow later this year.

unmanaged switches

Both gigabit and fast ethernet models will be included in the initial roll-out, enabling applications of different bandwidths in a variety of industries. With the help of a unique mounting accessory, the FL Switch 1000 series can also be mounted flat on the DIN rail, enabling use in small or flat cabinets with little space. Thanks to Energy Efficient Ethernet, these switches will also feature a reduced power consumption, which will lessen heat and the overall footprint of the device.

More information about the wide range of industrial Ethernet and other products is available on the website.

Shield clamps for one-handed tool-free operation

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The new SCC shield clamps from Phoenix Contact make one-handed, tool-free operation possible. The space-saving series features spring clamp technology that offers a mechanically large contact surface and a secure closure system for high-level shield attenuation.

SCC shield clamps

The contact spring provides reliable contact quality with long-term stability. In addition, it compensates for any conductor settling effects.

You may conveniently open and close the shield clamp with the integrated clamping lever. Conductors can be inserted into the terminal without force and automatically centered due to the shape of the contact spring. Actuating the clamping lever causes the contact spring to effortlessly clamp the conductor in place. Handling is safe and error-free, because the contact spring is not pre-tensioned.

Corrosion, contact zone, ferrule

You can use shield clamps in the clamping range of 5 mm to 20 mm. Corrosion protection is assured even under harsh operating conditions. There are three mounting types available for time-saving and vibration-resistant mounting: Snapping into place on the neutral conductor busbar, direct mounting, and DIN rail mounting. Suitable marking materials are also available for clear marking.

Your advantages

  • Convenient connection and latching with just one hand
  • Safe and error-free handling, as the contact spring is not pretensioned
  • The contact spring guarantees a reliable contact quality with long-term stability
  • The spring compensates any conductor settling effects
  • Optimum shield attenuation due to the large contact facing of the braided shield on the discharge potential

Main features

  • Four clamp versions
  • Three mounting types
  • Clamping range: 5 mm … 20 mm
  • Vibration-resistant
  • Corrosion protection under harsh operating conditions
  • Marking option
  • Extremely low contact resistance

Visit the website to find similar grounding and shielding material.