5 slight changes to increase the efficiency of control cabinet building

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1.      Ensure a comprehensive data flow

The planning and engineering of control cabinets requires software-based solutions for all process steps. Currently the majority of control cabinet builders use separate programs for every task: one for the CAE planning, one for the product selection, one for purchase processes and another for documentation. Forwarding data from one system to another is time-consuming and holds risk for failures and incompatibility. The planning and marking software PROJECT complete offers a comprehensive solution to avoid this threat. The program provides interfaces to import and export data from and to all current CAE systems and translates the electrical planning into concrete products automatically. Further it complements the projected terminal strips with all necessary accessories automatically. Following PROJECT complete provides complete parts lists and project documentation for the manufacturing process. Further you can generate and extract the marking data to seamlessly forward it to PROJECT complete marking to print it with one of the Phoenix Contact printing systems. Another option to process your control cabinet planning is the direct order function of PROJECT complete. By click your terminal strip is transferred to the Phoenix Contact where you receive an individual price and delivery time immediately.

Working with PROJECT complete automizes and reduces the interfaces of the control cabinet engineering significantly. The software reduces process times and avoids errors caused by a manual adaption and the complexity of different programs. This way a consistent, interruption-free data flow enables a lean, holistic planning process.

2.      Replace wires by bridges

One of the most time-intensive steps in control cabinet building is the wiring of all components, starting with the mechanical wire preparation, the appropriate marking and the right connection of all wires. Further a huge amount of cables is always charged to the clarity and overview of the control cabinet. The use of plug-in bridges offers a smart alternative: suitable products are interconnected directly via a bridging shaft. Processing times for the preparation of wires laps. The structure of terminal strips become tidier and clearer. The COMPLETE line product portfolio provides a unique range of bridgeable products: more than 2.600 components are applicable for the FBS bridging system. Terminal blocks, relays and circuit breakers – one bridge fits all. This way the parts diversity is reduced additionally which streamlines logistic and purchase processes additionally.

3.      Reduce marking efforts

A clear identification of all components is mandatory to keep overview and simplify the maintenance of plants. Nevertheless, the marking of control cabinets is a real time-eater. Luckily there is potential for improvements as well. The fast and effortless creation of markings and labels with the PROJECT complete marking software was already mentioned above. But COMPLETE line does not only support the preparation of the marking material itself. Moreover, more than 3.200 articles of the COMPLETE line product portfolio are equipped with similar marker groves. Therefore, all of them can be labeled with the UCT marking material. This solution lowers the parts diversity again. You can use one type of marking material and one printing system to cover your whole control cabinet. That way your marking process becomes more efficient than ever bevor.

4.      Speed-up your wire preparation

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Cutting – Stripping – Crimping: every wire at the control cabinet needs to be prepared with these three steps. The choice of the right equipment is crucial for the efficiency of this process step. Phoenix Contact offers high-quality tools for these tasks: ergonomically designed hand-tools enable a comfortable operation with perfect grip and reduced handle forces. If a huge output is need fast, automatic cutting, stripping and crimping tools speed-up the preparation of wires enormously. The flexible solution for this is the mobile crimping device CRIMPHANDY. It reduces processing times by 75 percent.

5.      Save time with the right connection technology

The last step of the control cabinet assembly is the wiring of the products built-in. The COMPLETE line product portfolio offers variants for all functions with Push-in connection technology. Wires are connected fast and tool-free within seconds. Compared to conventional screw connections Push-in technology accelerates this time-intensive process step significantly.

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With COMPLETE line we want to provide smart ideas for more efficiency in control cabinet building. Convince yourself and find out more: www.phoenixcontact.ae/completeline



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