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Out of the Box Distribution Solution

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The ready-to-connect Push-in PTFIX distribution blocks now save even more time and space during installation.

Simply unpack, connect, and you are done!

PTFIX New Distribution Blocks by Phoenix ContactAs automation becomes increasingly common, the number of sensors and actuators is also increasing – making potential distribution or collection more complex as a result. With this new concept of compact distribution blocks with Push-in Technology, you can now shorten assembly times considerably.

You can use and extend the distribution blocks straight away as required. They are available in different numbers of positions and mounting types. Providing electrical energy and distributing it to consumers – this is the basic requirement for the electrical connection technology. What started with setting up electrical power grids for lighting systems and smaller electrical drives from the beginning of the 19th century, today is also a central topic for highly complex switch and controller systems.

The connection technology was simple at that time – contacts were soldered or had screwed connections. Industrialization then caused a rapid evolution of the power grids with new possibilities for the distribution of electricity. The electrical connection technology has developed into the modular control cabinet wiring prevailing in industrial systems today. Electrical energy is no longer “just” distributed, it is also switched, controlled, converted and protected.

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