Circuit breakers to protect your individual devices

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Narrow electronic circuit breakers – Universal at 6 mm

Narrow electronic circuit breakers – Universal at 6 mmIdeally suited for simple, space-saving potential distribution: the PTCB single-channel electronic circuit breaker can be bridged to the CLIPLINE complete terminal block system, and offers a setting range from 1 to 8 amperes with an exceptionally narrow overall width.

Your advantages

  • Simple application setup due to bridging option to CLIPLINE complete terminal block system.
  • More space in the control cabinet: narrowest protection with a width of just 6 mm.
  • Flexible use and a reduced inventory due to adjustable current values on each device for a wide range of applications.

Main features

  • Overall width: 6 mm
  • Operating state indicated via LED display in traffic light colors
    Fixed nominal current
  • Satisfies requirements in accordance with NEC Class 2
    Flexible use
  • Integrated remote signaling function

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