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The Smart Production Library in PLCnext Technology

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Quick and easy programming, visualization, and diagnostics

The Smart Production Library for PLCnext Technology

The Smart Production Library for PLCnext Technology by Phoenix Contact enables companies to meet changing market needs, customized buyer demands, energy sustainability, and labor shortages through digitalization efforts. The library simplifies programming, visualization, and diagnostics in the engineering environment, making code generation and commissioning faster and easier.

Adapting to each application via drag-and-drop

Adapting to each application via drag-and-drop

The generator configuration file enables fully automatic visualization creation. The library includes functions for diagnostics, operating modes, and various technologies. The HMI web server handles visualization without data storage on display devices. Function blocks combine logic, visualization, and diagnostics, simplifying configuration. The interface features generic animations, easily customizable by adjusting parameters. The library supports extensions, drag-and-drop objects, and multiple languages.

The Library is divided into three functional areas: Basic functions, Operating mode functions, and Technology functions.

Library split into three functional areas. PLCnext technology.

Basic functions: Diagnostics of the controller and client access control, including exclusive mode and alarm management.

Operating mode functions: Support for various operating modes and safety features.

Technology functions: Control for actuators, sensors, and energy measuring devices, with the ability to add more technologies as needed.

Creating visualizations in just a few minutes

Creating visualizations in just a few minutes. PLCnext technology.

A clear application program structure aids visualization generation. The HMI generator features two methods: a comprehensive overview and selective visualization for stations. It quickly creates visualizations, saving time. Changes are immediate, ensuring error-free operation and consistent data management between PLCnext Engineer and the PLC.

Cloud integration via app from the PLCnext Store

The Smart Production Library is part of the PLCnext Technology ecosystem, enabling the integration of standard PLC programming with high-level languages for real-time execution. Cloud connection is facilitated through apps like “Node Red for PLCnext,” ensuring system availability without impacting automation processes.

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Printing and application in a single step

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Greater efficiency and time savings of 60 percent for wire and cable identification

The Thermomark E Series marking system combines printing and application in one step, saving approximately 60% of the time in industrial marking tasks. It improves efficiency by enabling clear and uniform marking of components throughout the product lifecycle of a control cabinet. The system reduces the previously time-consuming process of printing, separating, and mounting markings on cables, wires, and components. It enhances safety and simplifies workflows with visible and permanent identification.

Automated identification

Automated identification

The Thermomark E Series marking system by Phoenix Contact automates printing and applying of marking materials in a single step, resulting in 60% time savings. It offers an efficient and user-friendly identification process with high-quality markings, improving longevity and durability.

Modular marking system

Modular marking system

The Thermomark E Series is a modular marking system with applicators connected to a thermal transfer roll printer. It offers flexible wire and cable identification solutions without additional devices, saving resources and space.

Efficient wire and cable identification

Efficient wire and cable identification. THERMOMARK E SERIES

Thermomark E Series provides three applicators for automated wire and cable identification. The E.Wire creates movable cable markers, the E.Sleeve processes shrink sleeves, and the E.Wrap applies wire-wrap labels. Each applicator offers specific features for efficient and precise marking based on different cable diameters.

Seamless software-supported marking processes

Standard IEC 61439 requires clear and permanent identification of devices in control cabinets. The marking software by Phoenix Contact allows for efficient data import from digital circuit diagrams, enabling the automatic transfer of marking information. Intuitive functions facilitate wire and cable identification, reducing errors. The Marking System software provides an overview of the project, guiding users through the identification process. The information can be displayed on a separate monitor or the Thermomark E Series device.

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Data transparency for superior system availability  

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Protection and supply – the intelligent way: The communicative 24 V supply system with everything in view 

Protection and supply – the intelligent way: The communicative 24 V supply system with everything in view 

The power supply is vital for control cabinets as it provides power to 24 V components. In industries where system availability is crucial, the Quint Power 24 V supply system from Phoenix Contact offers communication capabilities, increasing data transparency and system availability. Operators can access operating and diagnostic data to monitor the network and optimize costs through preventive function monitoring.

Raising optimization potential – maximum system transparency for maximum availability  

Raising optimization potential - maximum system transparency for maximum availability  

Data collection is essential for system availability. The Quint Power communicative power supply from Phoenix Contact offers two options: connecting to the Caparoc fuse via a proprietary data bus or using the IO-Link interface to connect to an automation system. Both options allow for data transmission and monitoring of power supply and UPS system data.

Monitoring and parameterization

The Quint4 power supply ensures complete data consistency, enabling early warning of malfunctions. It offers targeted maintenance, remote diagnostics, and cost savings. Data collected includes remaining service life and network surges, aiding preventive maintenance. Fieldbus interfaces and a web server provide system transparency. Parameter configuration is easy, avoiding user errors. Centralized configuration saves time and costs.

Integrated phase monitoring 

Integrated phase monitoring 

The Quint4 communicative power supply with IOL interface features integrated phase monitoring, providing information on three-phase availability. It can run at full power on two phases and constantly monitors rotating field direction and input voltage.

Power supply and electronic circuit breaker system grow to become a single system 

The Quint Power communicative power supply combines with the Caparoc circuit breaker system for monitoring fuse channel characteristics. It enables preventive maintenance, accurate remote maintenance, and cost savings. The system offers automatic configuration and optimization based on operating data, simple integration, and complete data consistency.

The communicative 24 V supply system from Phoenix Contact allows for monitoring load currents and operating temperature, providing optimal system monitoring. It enables preventive measures to be taken, reducing downtime and optimizing costs. The system offers extensive data for maintenance and early warnings for heavy equipment utilization.

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Photovoltaics offensive at Phoenix Contact

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Achieving higher energy yields with new processes

Phoenix Contact is taking steps to maximize energy production by implementing new processes. Firstly, installing lightweight modules on buildings. Moreover, these films, weighing only three kilograms per square meter, directly adhere to the roof surfaces. Additionally, with their specialized surface design, they optimize light refraction and achieve energy yields comparable to standard modules. This approach not only increases efficiency but also reduces the amount of mounting material required.

Achieving higher energy yields with new processes

Combination of conventional and flexible modules

Phoenix Contact is implementing a mix of conventional and flexible modules in its photovoltaic systems. Building 34 will have lightweight modules generating 750 kWp, while Building 60, currently under construction in Blomberg, will use conventional modules only with over 1,000 kWp capacity. They aim to install solar systems across all German sites by 2030. Their international subsidiaries in the USA, China, Austria, and India are also expanding their solar initiatives

Weather station for calculating the performance ratio

Phoenix Contact offers a range of components and solutions for cost-effective operation of photovoltaic systems. The string combiner boxes provide protection and efficient distribution of DC currents. They use weather stations to evaluate system performance and make adjustments as needed.

Grid stability by using certified power control units

Grid stability by using certified power control units

Phoenix Contact utilizes in-house data loggers to collect and analyze data from their photovoltaic systems. These loggers connect various system components for easy data integration and storage. Additionally, their power control unit ensures grid compliance by monitoring voltage and reactive power and adjusting inverters as needed. Compliance with certified feed-in controllers is mandatory for larger photovoltaic systems since 2018.

Amortization after one-third of the service life

Phoenix Contact’s photovoltaic systems will have a total output of around six megawatts, meeting 5.5 percent of their electricity demand. Solar power proves to be cost-effective, with production costs one-third of procurement costs. This aligns with their climate neutrality strategy and vision for an All Electric Society. The photovoltaic systems are expected to pay for themselves within one-third of their service life.

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Reliable data transmission is the backbone of automation

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The choice of the right connection technology is crucial for seamless processes in automation and digitalization. Reliable data transmission is essential, and selecting high-quality components is paramount. Low-cost options often lead to errors and costly repairs. Phoenix Contact offers specialized RJ45 patch cables for different application areas, ensuring reliable data transmission and compliance with required properties. Choose the right components for optimal efficiency and value in operations.

Ensuring Reliable Data Transmission for Efficient Processes

Reliable data transmission. The right connection technology is essential for processes to work

Automation, digitalization, and Industry 4.0 rely on consistent data acquisition and transmission. The choice of the transmission medium is critical for reliable data processing and control. Increasing data volumes require effective collection and analysis. Sensors generate data, while actuators utilize it to control systems. Selecting the right transmission medium is essential for seamless data transfer.

The wrong choice weighs heavily

RJ45 patch cable

Proper component selection is crucial for seamless data transmission. Choosing low-cost, low-quality options can lead to errors and costly repairs. Copper is commonly used as a transmission medium, but caution is needed to avoid unreliable products. Selecting high-quality cables designed for specific applications is essential for smooth processes and successful operations.

Choosing the right component

Phoenix Contact offers a clear portfolio of RJ45 patch cables for different application areas. The top line is the RJ45 Industrial patch cable, designed for demanding industrial environments. It features robust connectors, mechanical stability, 360° shielding, and the trustworthy transfer of data. for various protocols and speeds. They also offer variants for less demanding applications, ensuring reliable transmission while meeting specific requirements.

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