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Nobody Manufactures 6mm Safety Relays. Until Now.

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Highly-compact safety relays: PSRmini

PSRmini safety relays – full performance on 6 mm

PSRmini Safety RelaysPhoenix Contact developed this relay technology and built in house, enabling a particularly narrow device design – without impairing performance. This robust elementary relay with force-guided contacts enables the setup of safety-related applications under completely new space and cost aspects.

Uniquely, safety relays with forced guidance in comparison to standard relays means:

  • Robustness
  • Reliability
  • Diagnostic capability

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Customizable power supply for superior system availability

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Customizable Power supplies with maximum functionality

Thanks to individual parameterization, you can optimally adapt your power supply to your application

The new generation of the high-performance QUINT POWER power supplies from Phoenix Contact ensures superior system availability by means of new functions.

Customizable power supplyOver 40 parameters can be adjusted individually with the new power supplies of the Quint Power series from Phoenix Contact. The devices can be ordered from the factory with customized parameters that vary from standard settings. The integrated NFC interface makes changing the signaling thresholds and characteristic curves more convenient than ever before.

The new Quint Power power supply from Phoenix Contact can be unpacked, installed in the control cabinet, connected and operated for many years. In addition, it is equipped with an integrated NFC interface and can be parameterized via mobile end devices or PCs if desired. This allows signaling thresholds and characteristic curves, for example, to be precisely adapted to the requirements of the system. In total, there are over 40 parameters that can be customized. The settings can be duplicated, which is especially practical. If the power supply is parameterized once, the settings can be transmitted to other devices easily using the app or software. The button located on the front side for adjusting the output voltage and all other configured parameters is also password-protected.

Customizable power supplies are:

• Integrated NFC interface
• Configurable reporting thresholds and characteristic
• SFB technology:
6 times the nominal current for 15 ms
• Power reserves:
– Static boost: Up to 125 % for a sustained period
– Dynamic boost: Up to 200 % for 5 s
• Monitoring of outputs
• Evaluation of operating hours
• Mains buffering time > 20 ms
• High level of immunity thanks to integrated gas-filled surge arrester

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