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Phoenix Contact Solar Park Management

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Solar Park management: automation and networking

Operarte photovoltaic systems efficientlyPhotovoltaic (PV) systems have become an important and established source of power, with a current installed capacity of approximately 230 gigawatts worldwide. In the Middle East alone, 11 gigawatts projects have been announced that are either in the bidding or the pre-qualification stage. The main driver for adopting solar and renewables in the region is the low prices of solar energy that led policy makers and industry leaders to take a number of steps towards increasing and accelerating the adoption of it.

Photovoltaic systems are being installed in industrial areas and public spaces more and more frequently because environmentally friendly power sources are perceived positively by the public. This trend is further fueled by the fact that PV applications are easy to use.

Continuously record and evaluate all data from the photovoltaic system First of all, to enhance the efficiency and yield of your photovoltaic system, you need to use a continuous operating data acquisition and intelligent data management. Irrespective of which transmission medium you use, Phoenix Contact has the right network components for you to set up a failsafe communication solution. The basis for this includes the high-performance Gigabit switches, modems, and media converters.

Moreover, the profitable operation of large photovoltaic systems requires continuous monitoring and control at segment level. The Array Control switchgear and controlgear assembly from Phoenix Contact performs this function and records all relevant data related to the current performance of the arrays, the ambient conditions, and the inverter status. This data is transmitted to a higher-level SCADA system in the central control room.

Phoenix Contact provides standard and customer-specific solutions for the automation and visualization of photovoltaic systems. Read more