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Safe power supplies in the process industry

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Certification, redundancy, and functional safety

The Quint Power Plus version of power supplies are ideal for applications that place extreme demands on availability and safety. All types of faults regarding system availability are monitored by the functions included with the Plus version. Thanks to the combination of integrated redundancy, double OVP, and SIL 3 approval, plus the protective coating and ATEX/IECEx approval, Quint Power sets new standards for safe supply in the process industry.

System availability, power plant

In addition to high system availability, users of the Plus version also benefit from space and cost savings thanks to the simplified layout in the control cabinet. There is no need for additional external modules either, with the reduced wiring effort providing further cost savings.

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Intelligent pump automation: Wastewater treatment

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Written by Pradeep Menon – Business Development Manager – Energy and Infrastructure at PHOENIX CONTACT Middle East

Reliable solutions for wastewater treatment: Pump automation technology with PumpControl

Water pipes are required almost everywhere, especially for water and wastewater distribution. There are several types of water pipes in well-built and constructed water distribution networks, including large diameter main pipes, which supply entire cities, smaller branch lines supplying a street or group of buildings, or small diameter pipes within individual buildings.

Installation of efficient and reliable methods for wastewater treatment plants is one of the main challenges of our time

Wastewater treatment plants are supplied with wastewater from sewer systems. These sewer systems can be extended for many Kilometers via pipe distribution networks so that the wastewater can pumped into the treatment plant. There are several pumping stations with installed pumps that aids the flow to move in the right direction. Every single pump has to have a control system, to ensure operational reliability.

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