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A token of appreciation from Action Care

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Phoenix Contact Middle East receives a token of appreciation from Action Care

In recognition of our continuous support in giving back to the community and our commitment to social development, Action Care presented us with a token of appreciation.

A token of appreciation from Action Care

Phoenix Contact Middle East has been extending its support to Action Care for more than five years now. From events like the big annual gala dinner to smaller ones, Phoenix Contact team has voluntarily taken the initiative to participate at various occasions, to help support less privileged people in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.
Additionally, the Action Care Gala Dinner celebrates humanitarian causes that Action Care and its partners supports in the region. Just like in previous years, Phoenix Contact sponsored the gala dinner in 2015 and joined in celebrating the milestones reached, lives changed, and friendships discovered along the way.
Action Care is a charity found in the United Arab Emirates which provides humanitarian assistance and conducts a diversity of educational development programs to enhance the quality of life of the community especially those who are disadvantaged.

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Polyester empty enclosures and junction boxes

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Empty polyester enclosure  Empty polyester enclosure

The Clipsafe enclosure series from Phoenix Contact are now broader. In addition to the stainless steel enclosures, 35 robust Ex-certified polyester enclosures are now available for use in process technology environments.

These are available in four designs and can be individually assembled with the range of Ex-approved terminal blocks. Enclosures with a double wiring level save space and IP66 degree of protection means that they are safe to use outdoors.

Moreover, 46 additional standard polyester enclosures for industrial environments and non-hazardous areas round off the range of polyester enclosures. These can individually go together with all products from the Phoenix Contact product range.

Finally, a web form provides a quick and easy way to process both your request and your order. You can simple use it to describe your requirements for an individually assembled box. Overall, Clip Project software enables you to configure terminal strips quickly, conveniently, and without any errors.

Visit our website to learn more about our Empty polyester enclosure

Lightning Strikes | Receive online notifications in your system

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Footprints of Lightning Strikes

Lightning strikes in systems

Lightning strikes in systems

Lightning strikes may cause devastating damage to buildings and facilities. Depending on the energy, there is massive destruction or damage, which may cause not so obvious, yet consequential cumulative destruction. Lastly, additional risk persists for high, large or exposed located structures.

The Lightning Monitoring System LM-S from Phoenix Contact captures lightning strikes and also analyzes the peak current, specific energy and charge of lightning surge currents. It consists of sensors for the down conductors of a lightning protection system and the analyzer. This data is easily accessible via the integrated web interface at any time from any place. It provides lightning strike information of the facility and enables preventive maintenance. Based on data from the LM-S system, measures take place quickly in order to avoid consequential damage and downtime. Taking this into consideration, maintenance or service work will be unnecessary as long as the effect is noncritical.

Burj Khalifa - Lightning Strikes Prevention - LMSIn structures that are not significantly prone to but have lightning-related sites, LM-S comes in handy for lightning research.

Phoenix Contact Lightning Monitoring System is installed on world-famous buildings such as Burj Khalifa.

Click here for more information about our LM-S system.

SOLARCHECK RSD Poll: Participcate to win a reflex camera

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SOLARCHECK RSD – Photovoltaic Panel Shutdown

SOLARCHECK RSD from Phoenix Contact makes working on photovoltaic systems so safe.

Solarcheck rsd

SOLARCHECK RSD consists of units for shutting down the individual photovoltaic panels and startup units, which are used to restart the system. Each shutdown unit disconnects the corresponding panel from the string group. The disconnection takes place automatically in the event of a fault and each time the inverter is shut down. The maximum value for the entire DC side of the photovoltaic system is then in the range of the safety extra-low voltage. There is no risk of an electric shock.

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