Phoenix Contact E-Mobility is the “2019 Innovator of the Year”

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It has been official: Phoenix Contact E-Mobility is the “2019 Innovator of the Year”.

Michael Heinemann, CEO of Phoenix Contact E-Mobility, officially accepted the Business Award from DDW – “Die Deutsche Wirtschaft”, the German economy information portal, at a ceremony in Düsseldorf: “We feel honored that the jury selected us. And we simply did not expect to receive the People’s Choice Award on top of that.” A total of 20 companies received awards but only three were given the People’s Choice Award, which was decided by a vote among the readership.

The People’s Choice Award was personally conferred by laureate Dr. Vladimir Klitschko. The innovative high-power charging (HPC) technology that Phoenix Contact E-Mobility developed for its quick-charging connector was decisive for the nomination. “They listened to their customers,” said speaker Armin Reins, the owner of the Reinsclassen agency and 2018 award winner. With HPC technology, electric vehicles can be charged for a range of 100 km in just three to five minutes. It is a key building block for the mobility of the future. The innovative technology enables electric cars to be charged in the time it takes to visit the gas station today.

The heart of this crucial advanced development in charging technology is an environmentally friendly, low-maintenance liquid cooling system integrated into the charging connector and cable. It enables charging powers of up to 500 kW. The system’s cooling power is regulated based on demand via real-time temperature measurement that also safely prevents overheating. Robert Ewendt, head of the HPC charging connector project, reported, “Our research for this charging technology and the charging connector design was practically from the ground up. The only part that is specified in standards is the mating face.”

“Die Deutsche Wirtschaft” is a business platform and an information network for the business management level of Germany’s largest corporations. Its mission is to connect the German economy’s market actors. Over 80,000 entrepreneurs, general managers, and managers – the readers of the DDW newsletter – were asked to vote among the nominees for the Innovator of the Year title. Find out more



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