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Increasing efficiency in control cabinet building

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From the circuit diagram to the control cabinet

Control cabinet manufacturers face increasing challenges such as time and cost pressures, shortage of skilled workers, and long component lead times. Engineering software clipx Engineer helps with the planning and completion of control cabinets. Phoenix Contact is working with manufacturers to identify inefficiencies in planning and manufacturing processes, as well as media discontinuities between engineering and paper-based productions.

control cabinet building

Planning – starting point for continuous production

Digital control cabinets can be shared effectively through computer-aided engineering (CAE) systems, which can create circuit, assembly, and wiring diagrams. Engineering software like clipx Engineer from Phoenix Contact can acquire components, parts, functions, connection cross-sections, and labeling information, and display them digitally. The software also assists in assigning accessory items, such as covers and end brackets, and provides configurators for finding necessary components. Clipx Engineer also handles tasks like inserting and setting up terminal blocks, which can be time-consuming. The software also writes data back to the leading CAE system using a two-way interface, recording it at connection points. This saves wiring time and requires fewer connection lines, reducing terminal points on terminal blocks. The engineering software serves as the central digital database for different control cabinet variants.

clipx Engineer

Uses of the generated data for the subsequent process chain of a control cabinet manufacturer

Digitally described terminal strips or control cabinets can be assembled or equipped using Phoenix Contact’s worker-assistance software in production. Consequently, this process is more efficient and consistent with clipx Engineer engineering software. The information is displayed on a screen, assisting in assembly. A pick-by-light system can be connected for additional support, eliminating the need for time-consuming document interpretation and component search. Semi-skilled employees can perform these work steps, allowing for a more focused focus on qualified work.

clipx Engineer

Learn more about clipx ENGINEER.

Blueprint for industrial DC power grids

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In its anniversary year, Phoenix Contact is investing in the power supply of tomorrow with Building 60

Phoenix Contact is investing 35 million euros in a production and technology center in Blomberg, Germany. Furthermore, the building, numbered 60, will provide 18,485 square meters of new floor space for 400 workstations. The center demonstrates the unique networking of energy, mobility, infrastructure, and building sectors, offering a blueprint for scalable solutions. The building will integrate thermal energy into a heating network using heat pumps and a 1,500 cubic meter ice storage system. The first stage will involve battery storage systems, two photovoltaic systems, and a partial DC power grid. The decision to install a DC power grid will advance the energy revolution, allowing for easier integration of renewable energy sources, battery storage systems, and e-mobility.

Building 60: Sector coupling made real

Phoenix Contact is establishing a wide-area DC bus in Building 60 to manage energy flow from the source to the load. Consequently, the company aims to connect different ecosystems through the DC bus at its headquarters in Blomberg, establishing true sector coupling and dealing with multidirectional energy flows. Notably, the main user of Building 60 is the East Westphalian company’s in-house machine building operations.

Making savings when setting up DC grids: Sustainability starting with the installation

Direct current networks can lead to significant efficiency gains by eliminating the need for multiple cables for AC power currents. Instead, two conductors are sufficient, saving up to 50% on insulation material, especially copper. Switching to direct current in the power supply from AC to DC also saves on components, making devices smaller and more efficient. This could lead to future devices connected directly to the DC power grid.

Blueprint for the All Electric Society

The company from East Westphalia-Lippe is well-positioned in the e-mobility sector, offering charging technology and DC power grid solutions. Their Charx product range focuses on fast vehicle charging with direct current. Their expertise in high DC powers allows them to transfer this expertise to industrial applications, linking factory automation with building technology and regenerative power generation.

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Modular AC charging sockets for all requirements

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Modular infrastructure charging sockets

AC charging CHARX

Phoenix Contact’s Charx connect modular AC charging sockets offer manufacturers the ability to customize their charging stations and home chargers. with a range of cover types, temperature sensors, and actuators. These flexibly designed sockets facilitate the creation of tailored, application-oriented charging infrastructure.

User-oriented charging infrastructure

Charx Connect

AC charging stations with charging sockets are versatile for home, work, and road use. Moreover, manufacturers can integrate additional features to make charging easier for users. Applications include private-sector carports and garages, semi-public sector, this includes charging employee cars in parking garages. The role of AC charging sockets varies depending on the location and customer needs, as installation costs vary depending on location.

Modularity for more efficiency

Charx Connect

The Charx connect modular charging socket offers several advantages. Firstly, flexibility, low-cost warehousing, and time savings for installation and maintenance. Secondly, its modular design with fully molded contacts enhances its durability and outdoor use. Additionally, the charging socket’s installation is simplified by direct contact on the protective cover with LED status indicator, and power is routed via screws.

Sophisticated design

 Charx connect

Charx Connect modular, an AC charging socket, won the German Design Award 2023 in the “Special Mention” category for its modular principle, allowing manufacturers to design charging stations with flexibility in shape and design. The socket also features an optional LED status indicator that can be controlled in all RGB colors, allowing manufacturers to match individual color values to their corporate design.

Increased safety through smart features

Charx Connect

Charx Connect modular is the world’s first charging socket with integrated temperature measurement, allowing controllers to interrupt charging if overheating occurs. It also features a mechanical touch protection system, a shutter, which complies with international standards, preventing direct contact and vandalism. The sockets are easy to operate with one hand, offering IPXXD protection. The modular concept also offers a choice of interlock options.

Increase in user comfort

AC charging CHARX connect

The modular charging socket prioritizes user comfort and safety, featuring a colored LED display for quick charging status overview and one-handed operation, highlighting the product’s well-thought-out design.

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