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Remote control technology in the transition to digitalization

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Written by Thomas Geiz, Master Electrician, Vertical Market Management Infrastructure, Phoenix Contact Deutschland GmbH, Blomberg, Germany

Comprehensive protection against unauthorized access

Digitalization has long since become a part of our private daily lives. More and more people are convinced by the advantages of smartphones, tablets, networked TVs, and PCs. No one wants having to go without weather apps, GPS systems in cars, or online banking. But wherever there is light, there is shadow. With digitalization, new forms of crime have developed. The various options of Ethernet-based networking can also be used to substantially influence the availability of the technology. Reports of malware attacks and their serious consequences appear in the media on an almost daily basis. It is therefore crucial that the digitalization of processes is accompanied by a solid strategy for the implementation of IT security. This applies to all companies and employees – regardless of whether they are already on the digital way, or still operating system visualization equipment running on old Windows XP machines.

Open solution increases flexibility and networking capability

Remote control technology is an essential component in the automation of water management systems. In the course of digitalization, Ethernet-based solutions offer numerous advantages here, but also present some challenges. Operational considerations such as the integration of existing technology and access security can be solved easily and economically with the PLCnext Technology automation platform.

An app for easy automation

With PLCnext Technology, Phoenix Contact has developed an open automation platform which tailors to the needs of plant operators as regards digitalization, IT security, modularity, usability, and efficiency. Among other things, the solutions stands out because the existing automation and remote control infrastructure can be used along with it. The input and output modules of the Inline automation kit installed years ago can thus remain in use, which significantly reduces the expenses for the migration of the existing automation and remote control system.

Whether it’s about a new remote control infrastructure or the migration of an existing system: The PLCnext Technology ecosystem lays the foundations for the digital transformation in remote control technology while also meeting the requirements regarding IT security in accordance with industrial standards.