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Security infrastructure for safeguarding industrial systems against cyber attacks and viruses

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Industrial Security:  CIFS (Common Internet File System)

Written by Amandeep Yashpal, Product Specialist – Cyber Security & Networks – UAE

The Common Internet File System (CIFS) is the standard way that computer users share files across corporate intranets and the Internet.  An enhanced version of the Microsoft open, cross-platform Server Message Block (SMB) protocol, CIFS is a native file-sharing protocol in Windows 2000.

In operational environment, the life of an appliance is three to four years and it is easy to replace this appliance with a new appliance laced with advance technology. However, in an industrial environment, the life of a digital asset is 15 to 20 years and it’s a challenging job to always make any change in the critical environment.

In manifold industries, computer with window XP and older operating systems are in operation while Microsoft ended support for Window XP on April 8, 2014. Afterwards, Microsoft did not provide any security patch and other kind of support for the Window XP operating system.  Systems with an old operating system without updates  are more vulnerable to attacks and hence increase the attack surface.

To overcome this problem, secure the vulnerable system and protect  it from any malicious attack, Phoenix Contact came up with mGuard CIFS Integrity Monitoring Solution, which is in demand for protecting the systems having old operating systems in an industrial environment.

With mGuard CIFS Integrity Monitoring, Phoenix Contact offers an award-winning, industry suitable solution to protect Windows-based automation components against malware infestation. To achieve this, mGuard Integrity Monitoring supervises file systems against unexpected modifications or additions to programs, dynamic link libraries, and other executable code without utilizing virus patterns – thus eliminating the need for their permanent update. This innovation can even detect damages from zero day exploits for which virus patterns don’t even exist yet.

Benefit of CIFS

  • Secure | reliable identification of malware modifications
  • Independent | no need for anti-virus pattern updates
  • Slim | reduced impacts on your system and real-time performance

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Latest solutions in our Power Supply range

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Power supplies and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)

Power supplies and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) from Phoenix Contact are high-quality products featuring leading technology.

Power Supplies and UPS

Our power supplies, DC/DC converters, redundancy modules, and uninterruptible power supplies are optimally tailored in terms of their functionality and design to the requirements of a range of industries. Please see some of the products we have that are brand new.

Modular system for uninterruptible power supplies: Intelligent in every combination


Phoenix Contact’s modular system for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) provides users with increased flexibility in industrial environments. Thanks to a variety of energy storage technologies, users can combine units to meet their individual requirements, such as long buffer times, long service life, extreme environmental conditions, and maintenance-free operation.


Uninterruptible power supply for AC systems in industrial environments: AC UPS – rugged and flexible

Intelligent QUINT UPS for AC applications Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) have become a standard in industrial applications. However, it’s not just the DC consumers that need to be protected against power drops. AC loads, such as camera systems or IPCs, also need to keep running during temporary supply failures. Phoenix Contact’s industrial-grade Quint AC UPS with IQ technology offers a more suitable alternative to the office UPS solutions frequently encountered in this area. The Quint AC UPS can be latched onto the DIN rail, it is certified for all standard industrial requirements, and thanks to a range of different power storage concepts, it can be deployed very flexibly.

The intelligent AC UPS with IQ technology guarantees superior system availability. Monitor and optimize your energy storage with the QUINT AC UPS.

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Secure Industrial Networks [Cyber Security]

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Written by Amandeep Yashpal, Product Specialist – Cyber Security & Networks – UAE

Cyber security is a vital part of the process and infrastructure industry operations

Nowadays, Cyber security is a vital part of the process and infrastructure industry operations. Industrial cyber security refers to the protection of internal components and systems from internal and external malicious attacks to maintain the Availability, Integrity, and Confidentiality. It protects the industries against loss or damage.

Most of the network devices used in the industrial network are designed to meet functional requirement, safety, reliability and real time response. They were physically isolated from the outside networks. Most of the time only proprietary protocol and solutions are used for the industry network. At a later stage, TCP/IP protocol is introduced to industry networks which connect the industrial network to an external network. The introduction of TCP/IP to industrial networks, create new possibilities for better connectivity and also provide rich opportunities to adversaries to exploit the vulnerabilities.

The root cause of this intense new risk relates to the complexity of ICS legacy system that was never originally designed to stop cyber-attacks. Legacy water pump installed over the plant 15 years back, were obviously not designed to address modern cyber security attacks.  Complex legacy technology and high attack consequences lead to a high cyber security risk for most industrial networks. It could be any reason for such incidents to happen. Likewise

  • Lack of redundancy in the network.
  • No segmentation of network.
  • No security perimeter is defined.
  • Firewall is not incorporated in the network architecture.
  • No deep inspection of packets moving from field device to field device or control server.
  • Insecure remote connections.
  • Lack of compatibility of security architectural components with legacy protocols and system.
  • No mechanism to identify the changes in configuration of field device and files.

The biggest challenge in the ICS and SCADA security protection is that the infrastructure used in ICS & SCADA is having significant legacy technology. This includes older protocol and proprietary control components. Continue reading

Safe Energy Control [Durable lightning and surge protection]

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Safe Energy Control

Lightning and surge protection from Phoenix Contact with Safe Energy Control Technology offers maximum performance with long service life.

Safe Energy Control

To meet the demands of the market, Phoenix Contact places the highest value on new and ongoing development of technologies. This happens in close coordination with technical universities and colleges. One excellent example of this is the new spark gap with Safe Energy Control technology. Professionally developed, designed and tested in our pulse and high-current laboratory, lightning current protective devices and surge protective devices from Phoenix Contact provide the perfect protection for any power supply.

Your advantages

  • Increased service life of the electrical installation, thanks to spark gap without line follow current
  • Inexpensive and space-saving installation by eliminating the need for a separate arrester backup fuse
  • Easy replacement in the event of servicing with protective devices which all feature a pluggable design
  • Predictive testing of the protective plug with the CHECKMASTER 2

Safe Energy Control Technology: Surge protection without line follow current or backup fuses

Safe energy control - Spark gapSafe Energy Control, abbreviated SEC, is synonymous with outstanding durability and maximum performance in the area of lightning current and surge protection. The revolutionary spark gap technology safely prevents any line follow current. This reduces the load on the entire installation to a minimum. This means outstanding durability for the surge protective devices at the same time. The protective devices work quietly in the background and help protect the entire system. Backup fuse-free solutions are available for all applications.

Visit our website to learn more about our SEC range lightning current protective devices and surge protective devices.

Save space and time with the Push-in distribution blocks

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PTFIX distribution blocks

Save space and time with your potential distribution by using Push-in distribution blocks

Push-in distribution blocks

The new PTFIX distribution blocks from Phoenix Contact can be used straight away without manual bridging, thus enabling space savings of up to 80 percent. The 1.5 mm² and 2.5 mm² distribution blocks are available with various numbers of positions and can be arranged in series without loss of pitch. Flexibly extend your potential with two-position standard jumpers.

The distribution blocks are also available with DIN-rail, direct or adhesive mounting, allowing you to flexibly build any application. Pre-treated or rigid conductors are connected quickly with the tool-free push-in direct connection technology. Transverse installation on the DIN rail and the compact design achieves space savings of up to 50 percent.

Distribution and power blocks with 6, 12, and 18 terminal points are available in eleven colors for clear, intuitive, and safe installation. The marking of all terminal points ensures a very clear wiring layout. The PTFIX distribution blocks therefore ensure flexible and cost-effective load and control current distribution.

Your advantages

  • Ready-to-use blocks for rapid mounting without manual bridging, and time savings of up to 80%
  • Flexible configuration in your application through various mounting options: DIN rail mounting, direct mounting or adhesive bonding
  • Time-saving pre-treated and solid conductor connection, thanks to tool-free direct Push-in connection technology
  • Transverse mounting saves up to 50% space on the DIN rail
  • Color assignment of conductor and terminal point for an intuitive and secure installation with eleven colors
  • Connect in a series without division loss and flexibly expand potential with standard jumpers
  • Testing options for all common test probes

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Process indicators and field devices

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Process indicators and field devices –
record, control, monitor

Record temperatures directly in the field, monitor, display, and control process values with process indicators and field devices.

Multifunctional process display for field installation The Field Analog process indicators allow you to monitor and display analog and temperature signals as well as control them via digital and analog inputs and outputs. The field devices enable you to acquire and convert the signals from resistance thermometers, thermocouples, and resistance-type sensors and voltage sensors directly on site.

Universal use

Field Analog process indicators are available for field and control panel installation. The universal inputs allows you to record current, voltage, RTDs, and TCs. Comprehensive approvals also allow you to connect sensors in the Ex area.

Easy installation and startup

Thanks to the standardized housing dimensions and plug-in connection terminal blocks, the indicators are easy to install. The devices are easy to configure via the keyboard on the front or via FDT/DTM software.

Everything at a glance

Current process values are easy to read on the five-digit backlit displays. The bar graph also provides you with a quick overview. Alarm statuses can be identified easily from a distance by their changing color.

Additional advantages

  • 2-conductor sensors are powered by the integrated measuring transducer supply
  • Easy mounting and secure fi t on pipes and walls with the optional holder for field indicators
  • International use thanks to UL and CSA approvals
  • Also for intrinsically safe circuits in the Ex area: versions with ATEX, CSA, and FM approval

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Plant Marking – Mark every system clearly and safely

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Plant Marking

The right system marking for all situations

Thanks to plant markings from Phoenix Contact, you can mark every system clearly and safely. Regardless of whether it is prohibition, mandatory or warning signs, magnet markings or pipeline markers, pre-marked or individually marked – the right marking is available for every application.

Plant Marking


Far from being a luxury, the standard-compliant and permanent marking of the smallest components all the way up to entire industrial systems is actually a mark of quality demanded by customers in respect of modern, high-quality capital goods.

Phoenix Contact offers you a wide range of solutions for industrial marking with thermal transfer printing. Professional total solutions for a multitude of applications are available to you – from the right printing system, through the CLIP PROJECT marking software right down to the appropriate marking material. Homogeneous, interlinking systems with state-of-the-art technology simplify your processes. High-quality components ensure robust, durable and reliable marking of your working environment.

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Industrial marking with thermal transfer printing

The thermal transfer printing system from Phoenix Contact is a quick and cost-efficient printing system for marking terminals, conductors, cables, and devices.

Your advantages:

  • Reliable, thanks to proven printing method
  • Service-friendly thanks to maintenance-free operation, e.g. no drying out of ink
  • High quality: clear printing quality, barcode-capable, font heights from 1.6 mm
  • Safe operation with material detection, touchscreen, and easy replacement of ink ribbons and materials

Learn more about our Plant Marking.

Mobile printing and marking systems

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Mobile printing – Labeling where you want it

Direct and flexible printing at the location of use?

Mobile printing systems The new mobile printing system from Phoenix Contact has now made this possible. The THERMOMARK PRIME is optimally suited for mobile use with its integrated marking software, independent energy supply and a user interface with intuitive operation. Its compact size and practical accessories make the THERMOMARK PRIME the ideal companion for any task – whether in stationary use or on the go while in the field.

Desktop interaction

The THERMOMARK PRIME can easily be managed in stationary use using a PC. Its wide variety of functions can be used by activating the CLIP PROJECT marking software.

Marking the control cabinet

The creation of labels for all components of control cabinet manufacturing is one of the core competencies of the THERMOMARK PRIME. The printing system resolves this task directly on-site with integrated marking software and energy on board.

On the go in industrial operation

Regardless of whether the labeling is on local installation sites or in supply equipment: mobile printing systems offer the highest amount of flexibility for the most varied of applications with a large selection of marking materials.

Ready to use for hours

Reliable labeling of industrial systems across large facilities is now possible due to the high battery power of the THERMOMARK PRIME. This allows users to create the highest quality labels directly on-site.

For more information, please visit our website.

Space-saving surge protection

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Surge protection with low voltage protection levels provide optimum protection for your MCR applications.

Surge protection for MCR technology from Phoenix Contact provides signal circuits and interfaces with optimum protection against destructive surge voltages.

TERMITRAB - Surge protection for MCR TechnologyWith the Termitrab complete product range, Phoenix Contact now offers the the narrowest surge protective devices on the market. They are suitable for MCR applications starting from an overall width of just 3.5 mm. This means that the protective devices can protect up to 572 signals against surge voltages on just one meter of DIN rail.

The integrated disconnect device ensures safe behavior in the event of overload. It signals the status on each individual protective device mechanically without auxiliary power. Optional remote signaling modules monitor the status of up to 40 neighboring surge protective devices by means of a photoelectric barrier. Installation is simplified as a result: no additional wiring or programming is required for the protection modules.

Protective devices in a narrow design, products with protective plugs that can be tested, signaling, and optional remote signaling modules can be selected according to your specific requirements thanks to the tailor-made product range. The surge protective devices are available with Push-in connection technology as well as screw connection. Versions are also available with innovative knife disconnection and for Ex applications.

Please visit the website for more information.

Hannover Messe News from PHOENIX CONTACT

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Phoenix Contact at Hannover Messe – the world’s most important industrial trade fair

We cover the Hannover Messe news from PHOENIX CONTACT through multiple clips every day during the industrial fair from 24th to 28th April 2017 on our YouTube channel. Find out more about our innovative products and technologies that we present under the slogan “Solutions for the future”.

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