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M17 Fiber-Optic Cabling System

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Digitalization has made its way into power generation plants and substations, thus, creating a new challenge for system planners. With this new challenge comes high volumes of data that needs to be transferred from central to remote stations. These stations are often located in harsh environments.

System planners typically use copper cables at power generation plants and electrical substations. However, with digitalization, the data volumes reach to an extent that copper cables cannot handle. System planners are therefore switching to Fiber Optic (FO) cabling systems. The FO cables are 90 percent lighter and thinner – allowing for longer transmission paths and higher data rates.

Planning a FO cabling system is a complicated process involving complex implementation. From selecting the right connection technology to the corresponding tools. Trained specialist personnel need to select the right equipment for this technology and for the field assembly.

Time is money! Hiring a specialist personnel from a specialist company is time consuming. In this case, your own personnel can use a Plug and Play system to do the same job – without tools. Working in such harsh environments, also require a high degree of protection for connection components, such as IP67.

Phoenix Contact offers the perfect solution combining the strengths of the M17 circular connector with those of a FO infrastructure.

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