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Most read articles in 2016 [Industrial automation]

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Top 10 product news in 2016

See for yourself a highlight of the most read articles in 2016 that were most interesting to our readers.

1) KEMA-certified IEC 61850 switches

Most read articles in 2016 - switchesThe 4800E series 19″ Managed Switches from Phoenix Contact have been successfully tested by the world-renowned KEMA institute according to the requirements of IEC 61850-3 (as amended in 2013, Edition 2).

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2) High-quality tools for easy and safe screwing

Most read articles - toolsWhether bits, screwdrivers with a wide range of drives and sizes, cordless screwdrivers or manual torque screwdrivers – Phoenix Contact has the right screwdriver tool for you.

Your advantages

  •     Durable: specially hardened and tempered drives
  •     High torque transmission, thanks to the special two-component handle geometry
  •     Solid, thanks to high-quality components and raw materials
  •     Everything from a single source, thanks to the comprehensive product range

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3) Ethernet extender system

Most read articles 2016 - Ethernet extenderThanks to the new Ethernet extenders, you can connect Ethernet networks across up to 20 kilometers via simple two-wire cables. By doing so, you can combine Managed and Unmanaged Ethernet extenders in one network. This innovative combination and the extremely easy startup using Plug and Play enable cost-effective networking and diagnostics of all devices and paths via IP.

Your advantages

  •     Ethernet communication up to 20 kilometers via any two-wire cables
  •     Fast startup via Plug and Play
  •     Use of Unmanaged extenders in complex IP networks
  •     Continuous diagnostics of all devices and paths via IP, regardless of the location
  •     High fault tolerance, thanks to intelligent PLUGTRAB PT-IQ surge protection

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4) Mobile thermal transfer printers

Most read articles - Thermomark PrimeThe THERMOMARK PRIME card printer and the THERMOFOX handheld printer for material off the roll from Phoenix Contact are suitable for stationary use as well as mobile on-site marking.




5) Highly Compact Safety Relays

Most read articles - PSRminiPSRmini is the most narrow safety relay on the market. On widths of just 6 and 12 mm, we provide you with proven safety, thanks to the force-guided contacts. The needs-based structure starting at an enable path also ensures increased flexibility in your application without limiting performance.

Your advantages

  •     Up to 70% space savings without limiting performance, thanks to new relay technology,   developed in-house
  •     Maximum safety and availability, thanks to force-guided contacts
  •     Cost/benefit optimization when structuring applications starting with one enable path
  •     Wide usage range thanks to extensive product portfolio with compatibility to a wide variety of sensors
  •     Approvals for all global markets

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6) Flexible, fast and easy

Most read articles - Topmark laser printerThe TOPMARK LASER marking system provides you with the flexibility to implement the requirements of challenging industrial identification. With over 400 markers for your terminal, conductor, cable, and device marking, you will find the ideal solution for your application.

Your advantages

  •     Comprehensive range of marking material to suit your needs
  •     Easy operation, thanks to automated material handling
  •     Save time through integration into the CLIP PROJECT planning and marking software
  •     Save equipment and costs, thanks to direct marking

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7) Small terminal blocks – maximum benefits

Most read articles 2016 - mini and micro terminal blocksConvenient wiring and variable mounting options in a confined space – with terminal blocks in miniature format.

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8) Relay Modules – Benefit from the full range

Most read articles 2016 - relay modulesWhatever the function you require: whether switching, isolating, monitoring, amplifying or multiplying. Our range satisfies all requirements. Whether for electromechanical and solid-state relays or timer and monitoring relays.

Your advantages

  •     Versatile, thanks to industrial relays with numerous functions
  •     Always the right solution – thanks to world-leading product variety
  •     Space saving due to compact, narrow design
  •     Excellent quality, thanks to high-grade materials and innovative technologies
  •     Save costs: standardized accessories that are available worldwide

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9) Power supplies with maximum functionality

Most read articles 2016 - Quint FourThe fourth generation of the high-performance QUINT POWER power supplies ensures superior system availability by means of new functions. Signaling thresholds and characteristic curves can be individually adjusted via the NFC interface.

Your advantages

  •     SFB technology selectively trips standard circuit breakers, loads connected in parallel continue working
  •     Preventive function monitoring indicates critical operating states before errors occur
  •     Signaling thresholds and characteristic curves that can be adjusted via NFC maximize system availability
  •     Easy system expansion, thanks to static boost, starting of heavy loads, thanks to dynamic boost
  •     High degree of immunity, thanks to integrated gas-filled surge arrester and mains failure bridging time of more than 20 milliseconds

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10) New SIL-certified signal conditioners

Most read articles 2016 - signal conditionersPhoenix Contact adds four new input-loop-powered passive conditioners to its MACX Analog product range of SIL-certified signal conditioners.

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