Save space and time with the Push-in distribution blocks

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PTFIX distribution blocks

Save space and time with your potential distribution by using Push-in distribution blocks

Push-in distribution blocks

The new PTFIX distribution blocks from Phoenix Contact can be used straight away without manual bridging, thus enabling space savings of up to 80 percent. The 1.5 mm² and 2.5 mm² distribution blocks are available with various numbers of positions and can be arranged in series without loss of pitch. Flexibly extend your potential with two-position standard jumpers.

The distribution blocks are also available with DIN-rail, direct or adhesive mounting, allowing you to flexibly build any application. Pre-treated or rigid conductors are connected quickly with the tool-free push-in direct connection technology. Transverse installation on the DIN rail and the compact design achieves space savings of up to 50 percent.

Distribution and power blocks with 6, 12, and 18 terminal points are available in eleven colors for clear, intuitive, and safe installation. The marking of all terminal points ensures a very clear wiring layout. The PTFIX distribution blocks therefore ensure flexible and cost-effective load and control current distribution.

Your advantages

  • Ready-to-use blocks for rapid mounting without manual bridging, and time savings of up to 80%
  • Flexible configuration in your application through various mounting options: DIN rail mounting, direct mounting or adhesive bonding
  • Time-saving pre-treated and solid conductor connection, thanks to tool-free direct Push-in connection technology
  • Transverse mounting saves up to 50% space on the DIN rail
  • Color assignment of conductor and terminal point for an intuitive and secure installation with eleven colors
  • Connect in a series without division loss and flexibly expand potential with standard jumpers
  • Testing options for all common test probes

Push-in terminal blocks save time and space for elevator manufacturing

Push-in distribution - Elevator ManufacturingElevator manufacturing has changed dramatically in recent years. While safety and convenience are still at the top of the list, design aspects and individual customer wishes are gaining in importance. For cost reasons, every millimeter of installation space is heavily contested. Builders and architects would love if the cab were larger than the shaft for which it is intended. Already during system planning, the elevator manufacturer needs to act flexibly – and not only because standards and safety regulations change frequently. The terminal blocks need to be connected quickly and easily and be plugged in directly without the use of tools.

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