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Mobile printing – Labeling where you want it

Direct and flexible printing at the location of use?

Mobile printing systems The new mobile printing system from Phoenix Contact has now made this possible. The THERMOMARK PRIME is optimally suited for mobile use with its integrated marking software, independent energy supply and a user interface with intuitive operation. Its compact size and practical accessories make the THERMOMARK PRIME the ideal companion for any task – whether in stationary use or on the go while in the field.

Desktop interaction

The THERMOMARK PRIME can easily be managed in stationary use using a PC. Its wide variety of functions can be used by activating the CLIP PROJECT marking software.

Marking the control cabinet

The creation of labels for all components of control cabinet manufacturing is one of the core competencies of the THERMOMARK PRIME. The printing system resolves this task directly on-site with integrated marking software and energy on board.

On the go in industrial operation

Regardless of whether the labeling is on local installation sites or in supply equipment: mobile printing systems offer the highest amount of flexibility for the most varied of applications with a large selection of marking materials.

Ready to use for hours

Reliable labeling of industrial systems across large facilities is now possible due to the high battery power of the THERMOMARK PRIME. This allows users to create the highest quality labels directly on-site.

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