Safe Energy Control [Durable lightning and surge protection]

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Safe Energy Control

Lightning and surge protection from Phoenix Contact with Safe Energy Control Technology offers maximum performance with long service life.

Safe Energy Control

To meet the demands of the market, Phoenix Contact places the highest value on new and ongoing development of technologies. This happens in close coordination with technical universities and colleges. One excellent example of this is the new spark gap with Safe Energy Control technology. Professionally developed, designed and tested in our pulse and high-current laboratory, lightning current protective devices and surge protective devices from Phoenix Contact provide the perfect protection for any power supply.

Your advantages

  • Increased service life of the electrical installation, thanks to spark gap without line follow current
  • Inexpensive and space-saving installation by eliminating the need for a separate arrester backup fuse
  • Easy replacement in the event of servicing with protective devices which all feature a pluggable design
  • Predictive testing of the protective plug with the CHECKMASTER 2

Safe Energy Control Technology: Surge protection without line follow current or backup fuses

Safe energy control - Spark gapSafe Energy Control, abbreviated SEC, is synonymous with outstanding durability and maximum performance in the area of lightning current and surge protection. The revolutionary spark gap technology safely prevents any line follow current. This reduces the load on the entire installation to a minimum. This means outstanding durability for the surge protective devices at the same time. The protective devices work quietly in the background and help protect the entire system. Backup fuse-free solutions are available for all applications.

Visit our website to learn more about our SEC range lightning current protective devices and surge protective devices.



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