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Footprints of Lightning Strikes

Lightning strikes in systems

Lightning strikes in systems

Lightning strikes may cause devastating damage to buildings and facilities. Depending on the energy, there is massive destruction or damage, which may cause not so obvious, yet consequential cumulative destruction. Lastly, additional risk persists for high, large or exposed located structures.

The Lightning Monitoring System LM-S from Phoenix Contact captures lightning strikes and also analyzes the peak current, specific energy and charge of lightning surge currents. It consists of sensors for the down conductors of a lightning protection system and the analyzer. This data is easily accessible via the integrated web interface at any time from any place. It provides lightning strike information of the facility and enables preventive maintenance. Based on data from the LM-S system, measures take place quickly in order to avoid consequential damage and downtime. Taking this into consideration, maintenance or service work will be unnecessary as long as the effect is noncritical.

Burj Khalifa - Lightning Strikes Prevention - LMSIn structures that are not significantly prone to but have lightning-related sites, LM-S comes in handy for lightning research.

Phoenix Contact Lightning Monitoring System is installed on world-famous buildings such as Burj Khalifa.

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