SOLARCHECK RSD Poll: Participcate to win a reflex camera

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SOLARCHECK RSD – Photovoltaic Panel Shutdown

SOLARCHECK RSD from Phoenix Contact makes working on photovoltaic systems so safe.

Solarcheck rsd

SOLARCHECK RSD consists of units for shutting down the individual photovoltaic panels and startup units, which are used to restart the system. Each shutdown unit disconnects the corresponding panel from the string group. The disconnection takes place automatically in the event of a fault and each time the inverter is shut down. The maximum value for the entire DC side of the photovoltaic system is then in the range of the safety extra-low voltage. There is no risk of an electric shock.

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Show us that you are familiar with our PV Panels by participating in this poll. Select the right image, ‪VOTE and get a chance to ‪WIN an ‪SLR ‪‎camera!



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