Polyester empty enclosures and junction boxes

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Empty polyester enclosure  Empty polyester enclosure

The Clipsafe enclosure series from Phoenix Contact are now broader. In addition to the stainless steel enclosures, 35 robust Ex-certified polyester enclosures are now available for use in process technology environments.

These are available in four designs and can be individually assembled with the range of Ex-approved terminal blocks. Enclosures with a double wiring level save space and IP66 degree of protection means that they are safe to use outdoors.

Moreover, 46 additional standard polyester enclosures for industrial environments and non-hazardous areas round off the range of polyester enclosures. These can individually go together with all products from the Phoenix Contact product range.

Finally, a web form provides a quick and easy way to process both your request and your order. You can simple use it to describe your requirements for an individually assembled box. Overall, Clip Project software enables you to configure terminal strips quickly, conveniently, and without any errors.

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